6 July 2009

Youngest DSLR Photographer?

My 7 yrs old Lil Devil Tagged along with me to The Curve Sony style studio for a portraits session with the newly launched Sony AlphaA230, half way thru the session he told me that he wanna shoot too and seing the A230 being so lightweight I let him have a go .... and thats how he became the center of attention, everyone is taking his photos instead of the model and also by that he became the Youngest DSLR photographer I know LOL!

Lil Devil with the newly launched Sony Alpha A230, thru the viewfinder.

Lil Devil looking at the settings on an Sony Alpha A230

Everyone moved back and let him have the most ideal position in front for this shots

I checked the photos he took .... not bad for a beginner!

Model and Photographer

There! the youngest DSLR user i came across @ only 7 yrs old attended his first model shoot in a studio ... have you meet anyone younger? Lidis can masuk guiness book or rekod anot wan ar? LOL!


  1. Luckily uncle ah beng didn't bring him shoot tetek if not next time he'll want to come all the time. heehee.

  2. Like father like son lor... in future we got another pro here... kekeke

  3. hahaha, ah beng junior in the making! therojaks.com finally goes live!

  4. Not only young, lagi handsome.....


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