30 July 2009

New Ahbeng Vacob : Sei-Kwai-Low

I think everyone should get at least one hongky (hong kong peeple la) fwen! Really! its entertaining to have hongky fwen wan! Hongky is somewhat like Singkapohlians with bad ingrish but both also want face like siao!

So i got this visiting hongky fwen kambing to msia for hornyday and he told me he want see msia jungle and hes a nature person la so i bring him to bukit belacan in ampang for jungle trekking blardee early in the morning ... the thing about this hongky is .. he got bad ingrish ... he can tok to me whole day and i still derno WTF hes toking about 90% of the time. ( and i derno wats wrong with him ... this barger just refused to tok in canto ... prolly suffering from kiasuism )

So there we are in bukit belacan jungle trekking then this barger suddenly shout from behind me

Hongky : Look! i see a Sei-Kwai-Low there!!!
Me : Where?
Hongky: There!!
Me : Where got Gwai low there?
Hongky: Not Gwai low! Its Sei-Kwai-low
Me : niahma dun tell me this place got ghost ah! I freaking leave u here one ka!
Hongky: NO NO!! not ghost ... its Sei-KWai-Low!!! the small small animal climb tree one .. got fluffly tail one ... NOT GHOST AH!
Me : MCB!!! that is squirrel!! NOT Sei-Kwai-Low!!!
Hongky: Thats what i said! its a Sei-Kwai-Low!!

Now you know why its nice to have ingris sepaking Hongky fwen! kakakaka!

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  1. i totally agree hongky have bad engrish. last time i told my friend, "I'm staying in my boyfriend's house" and she said, "How many boyfriends you have?" i was like, "What?" and she said, "You said boyfriendssssss"

    God, i didn't bother to explain the grammar.


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