5 August 2009

Things u can do with Super Glue!!

You can stick paper to paper or paper to cardboard or paper to plastic or plastic to steel ... this goes on and on and the posibilities is limitless .... buden got this creative chick by the name of Tracy Hood Davis in wisconsin Amadika found a new way to utilise her superglue!!!

one of the Mistresses Therese Ziemann

This is what happened .... one day Tracy Hood Davis beh tahan her cheating husband (Mr. Davis) edi teamed up not ONE but THREE (3) of her husband mia mistresses (3 ok!!! 3 Mistresses!!! with pikchers below)

3 Mistresses Wendy Sewell, Tracy Hood Davis (the wife) and Michelle Belliveau

4 of them teamed up to Revenge on the hamsap Mr. Davis la!!! 1st itu Therese Ziemann lure Mr. Davis into a motel kasi him all sexcite dulu ... then she tied him up and handcuff him like dem kinky lidat la! make him super sexcited and in need of viagra lol!

Then then Therese Ziemann take out a gun n point at Mr. Davis while the other 3 lady come into the room together gether!!! JIALAT this time!!! With a gun pointed at his head ... Mr. Davis habe no choice but to let his wife + another 2 mistresses glue his penis to his right leg!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!! Toking about creativity!!! who had thought of glueing a guy's *3rd leg* to his right leg wan?!!

U think i shitting you right? this time u still WRONG!!! this is what exactly happened in AMADIKA!!! later gibe u the link at the bottom of the post ....

Now ... lets think bout it ... if kkc alredi glued to your right leg ... do u think u will have trouble walking anot?

What about this ... lets say they dint glue the kkc to the right leg but instead the seal the only hole on your kkc .... which one more painful? kakakakaka!!!

Too bad they did not mention much about this Mr. Davis guy and no put pikchers also ... if not this barger sure fehmes overnite wan! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

Izzit me of this Mr Davis guy need to replace his spectacle? Did you look at those chicks yet?!! DID YOU?!!! Man i really felt sorry for this guy!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!


  1. omg the wife paling cannot make it one.

  2. ouch....seems really painful.... can't imagine that... but wait, how did they manage to bend his kkc when its in an erect position??

  3. Mr.Davis must be damn blind or desperate..this kind woman oso he wan have affair...wan affair oso find better ones la....

  4. Wah! You velly, velly evil one. Just the thought of the glue to the hole makes me want to faint.

  5. Pawned by pork chops. Dun say have affair with those auntie. They touch me I will break their damn hand alr. Mr Davis really despo

  6. this dude really has 'interesting' taste for women..

  7. Mai Chao Hai(ya loh) ... like tat also can ah...

    actually ah.. d husband already did charity lehhh.. that 3 fuc face also he can telan habis...

    if for me ah.. no need 3 lah... 1 also i vomit like hell lah..
    MCH .. LoL ..
    looks like Yu Fah and more ugly than 8 Leung Gum ... LoL ..
    ask those 4 chics go Bei 9 Diu lahh~


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