18 August 2009

Papa! Phone Scam in Malaysia

Scam artist is forever thinking of new ways to con 9 us all wan ... i mean lets face it ... its what they do ... they get $ from con jobs and its kinda like our job not to be con by them.

This is a new scam which prey on victim's love for their children .... a frend just experienced it himself .... this is how he describe the whole incident ....

I just received a scam phone call. Upon picked up, there is a slight delay before I hear a children voice calling

"Papa ! Papa ! Papa !"

This is clearly a pre-recorded audio. Then after a few secs 4 or 5 children callings for

"Papa !"

then the basket on the other side hanged up without saying a word. I believe the scammer wishes me to call back.

The phone number is 013-7288725. This is a scam call that lure parent like me thought my children has been kidnapped ! Of course this is not true !!!

Beware of this kind of scam calls !!

They will strike randomly calling all the numbers they can get their hands on hoping one of them will fall for it! The reason my frend did not fall for it is bcoz his kid is only a few months old and definitely kenot say "PAPA" yet! ... Can u imagine if you have 4-5 kids and u get this kinda phone call .... scary shit!

Those bargers want you to think that they kidnapped your child/childrens ... they wanna make u panic bcoz once you panic u will lose your rational and the ability to judge and become they prey.

So becareful ok? Eco no good ... ppl no money ... n some turned to con to get $ .... the kinda things human willing to do to get $ .... sigh ...


  1. wahh so interesting wo gor gor! haha let's call back the number n scam kau those scammers

  2. Well, what to do when you receive this kind of call:

    1> check if Your child is near you?

    2> Recognize if your child can speak. If can, next.

    3> Recognize if your child even call you 'Papa' or whatever he's saying. (If you Tamil only and he speak chinese den dam weird lo)

    4> Call up whoever is taking care of your child, no matter how, this person must be reached. (even u hv to call until your phone burst)

    5> If all above oso still kenot locate your child, i dunno how to help...

    If your child is found to be safe (the caller lying la, abuthen) call the number bek as though u believe him then 'pakat' wif police to meet him somewhere. Your turn to scam 9 him...

  3. What would you do if your kid really got kidnapped?

  4. thats why kids now need hp. must be reachable at all times.

  5. if they called back you say
    in very scary voice.....
    i wan your life....
    your time as come....

    khi khi khi khi khi

  6. MCCB ... when I got this calls ahhh
    ..i would - wei ...wei ... wei... can't here you lah. ... Mah Chew Chi Bai ....

  7. Once I got a similar call. The only difference is that there was a guy who is in his teens or 20s or maybe 30s crying out to his mother "maa maa" and asking for help in mandarin. He would then hang up. You cant call back either as the number is a private number. Initially I thought was a wrong number until my friend got a similar call the next day but this time in English...


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