1 September 2009

How Singaporean Reacts to the High-heel Ahlian Weck Ahbeng balls Incident?

To those who did not gets to view the full clips ... there is more than High-heel on balls moments in this below video .... you will also witness a few very fehmes kungfu moves displayed by the "fierce" Ahlian orso!!!

Among the infamous kungfu moves used were :
  1. Monkey steal grapes .... but a more vicious modified move which includes the act of grabbing and yanking the Ahbeng's balls.
  2. Shoe is harder than skull .... this is century old move plektised by the Shaolin monk in china!
  3. Hit an opponent thru the moutain .... this were shown by the "fierce" Ahlian when she succesfully weck Ahbeng's balls even tho Ahbeng is "safe guarding" his balls with both his palms.
  4. You might think this Ahbeng is coward but thats is not acherly the case! u see ... this Ahbeng got learn this century old shaolin monk kungfu call "THE GOLDEN EGGS!" thats why he still stands tall even tho that fierce Ahlian been ehteking his balls non stop!! dun prey prey!!

Apparently the 41 yrs old Kungfu Ahbeng is a Director of rich international property kompeni and the 21 yrs old Fierce Ahlian is the receptionist in the same kompeni also! Wah lan eh ... 41 yrs old director Ahbeng let 21 yrs old receptionist Ahlian bang his balls in public lidat ... mana mau taruk face man?! This Ahbeng also dem Peado ok?!

See see? Kanneh ... i told u edi ok? lich ppl got weird hobby wan! SM is one of them!

How I know all this? I also derno one leh! I read it from HERE geh!

To those Ahlians who is watching this video / reading this post ... pls ... PULEZ DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR AHBENG OK? THIS 2 COUPLE IS HIGHLY TRAINED STUNT PROPESIONEL OK?! DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!!!

To Ahbengs watching / reading this post ..... may god bless us all from fierce Singkapoh's AHLIANS!!!!!! Larkee ayam not in singkapoh!!! TENKOT!!! kakakakaka!!!!

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  1. wahlauweyyyy... the ahlian wan dai ar? she weck my didi, i wek her jiejie aaaa...


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