28 September 2009

AhBeng The Gorilla Hunter

Long long time ago got one fehmes Gorilla hunter call AhBeng .... and one morning Ahbeng received a call from an Aunty about a big bad gorrila stuck in her plantation. DELAY NO MORE! Ahbeng pack his AK47 and untie his fierce Rotweiler n bring the dog with him to the hunt for the gorrila.

Upon arrival .. Ahbeng scout around the plantation for a while to look for the gorrila and to access the conditions to work out a plan .... then Ahbeng brief the aunty about the situation.

Ahbeng : Aunty is lidis one ... i found the gorrila edi ... now this is what i will do ... so u listen carefully ok? you role is this mission is very important one ok?
Aunty : ok ok i listening edi ... what u want me to do ar?
Ahbeng : later i climb up the tree ... i catch the gorilla and throw him down and then my rotweiler will bite his balls (chuntois/springbags) and game over liow ....
Aunty : ah? then what am i suppose to do? Take the gorilla's balls out of the rotweiler's mouth ar?
Rotweiler : GGrrrr ....
Ahbeng : no no ... u let my dog eat his balls ... and leave my dog alone ok? hes abit sot sot dei one so u dont wanna fark with my rotweiler ok?
Aunty : ok ok then what am i suppose to do?
Ahbeng : Nah .. take this gun ... u know how to use anot?
Aunty : press this only mah! i know how to use wan ... what u want me to shoot leh?
Ahbeng : U see ... not everytime I can throw the gorilla down one ... sometime hor the gorilla will throw me down ... if that happens then ...
Aunty : So when the gorilla throw u down then I shoot the gorilla izzit? izzit?
Ahbeng : No no!!! dont shoot the gorilla ... SHOOT THE DAMN DOG AH!!!

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