11 September 2009

Toking about being honest ....

Well .. if you look at the banners in below pichers u will know that there is some ongoing campaign in one of the gomen related body ... i derno exactly what campaign izzit but if i were to guess .. maybe its campaign jujur? LOL!

So .. now the campaign motto is "BUAT KERJA" ... so befoh this campaign that means ...... (u no i no la!) KAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!!

I Salute whoever that came out with this idea! U got balls man!!! I rike u ah!!!

See what see? BUAT KERJA LA DIU!!!! KAKAKAKA!!!


  1. These banners have been there forever ... I guess they've always needed reminder to work.

    But why hang the banners outside? Should stick it on their forehead instead ...

  2. Now only 'Buat Kerja'? Too late la

  3. They do 'buat kerja' but the outcome still not fair, how come. correct3x

    Yes, should stick that thing on their forehead LOL

  4. LOL! that fellar really got big ding dongs!

  5. Write big big BUAT KERJA but still kerja tarak buat.


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