2 September 2009

Whats hips in Singapore? Bigini, Gins, Rad and Zipbra!

Following the "fierce Ahlian weck balls" incident ... another fehmes Singapore Ahlian emerged on the frontpage this time with Bigini, Gins, Rad and Zipbra!

Who izzit this time? Its Singapoh's own 19 yrs old Miss Universe contestant Miss. Ris Low!! For details please read the below cutting from the star ....

Then again ... dint your mader always tell you dunch briff everything you read in the internet?! Even our politicians also owaz blem the bloggers for telling lies ... and in order not to be accused of lying ... here ... i put the exact interbiu video clip below to verify all that ... watch and judge for yourself!

For the second time tonite i TENKOT i not Singkapohlians!!! kakakakaka!!!

I think hor ... Singapoh should really change their tag line to ... Singkapohlians .... truly Ahlians!!!


  1. Anonymous5:14 am

    oh my god...her english is really damn bad...i wonder how she become miss universe...

  2. eh...mind you...english is only their 2nd language in their country.. Malay is the national language...

  3. ha ha ha .. seriously hilarious. where did you dig these stuffs dude?


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