24 September 2009

How to Save Some Money During Mooncake Festival

Yesday I post this msg up in my Facebook status komprening that how costly this mooncake festival is and I wonders who came up with this sohai idea of exchanging mooncake one ... below is the exact words la ....

The thing i dont like about this chainis moon festival is ... we gonna buy 8-12 boxes of mooncake (mc) and in return we gonna get 8-12 boxes of mooncake back (in different brand of coz) Now .. thats when the problem start ... I started with 8-12 boxes of mooncakes and i ended with 8-12 boxes of mooncakes .... why am i buying 8-12 boxes of mooncake for myself?!!! I cant effing finish 8-12 boxes of mooncake without getting diabetes!!! MCH!!! what a sohai idea!!!

And below is the replies from fler Ahbengs frends to the rescue!

Jeffrey Tan : a better way is to buy one and rotate for 12 times :P

Alex Yeoh : thats why ... u wait for a relative to give u 1st .... den u got d u swap with other relatives... after swapping a few boxes here and there u then give back a different brand back to the original feller lo... =D

Andy Leong : better buy two and rotate la. hehehe.

Kelvin ChowGimme few boxes la...and i can guaran-damn-tee u, i wont give back any. Nothing! Nil! E-let! (with frend like Kelvin ... who needs enemy la?!)

So ... the conclusion is ...
  1. You either buy 1 box of MC of u wait till someone gave u one ... or Andy suggested that u should start with 2 boxes of mooncake instead of 1 ... just in case some stingy basket pretend he derno u after he got your mooncake.
  2. You gave the mooncake to your frend/relative and then they will give u one back in return.
  3. Keep recycling till mooncake festival is over lol.
  4. Lets say the cost of 1 box of mooncake is RM32.00 and i only need to buy 2 boxes instead of 12 ... i will be saving RM320.00!! RM320.00 i can eat whole month mannn!!!


  1. U sure not 320 can eat whole month? I need double lah!

    But the swaping idea damn good lah.

  2. hahahahahah.. funny lar u...

    anyway, i think the best is.. u tell ur friends/relatives.. dun buy u any mooncake ya.. and u will do the same.. wuahhaahahhaaha....save cost!


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