16 September 2009

Wingz Can Teech - BM for Angmoh

Briff it anot ... i found it very easy to teech Bahasa Malaysia to Angmoh (orang putih/gwailou la!)

Few days ago we got yum char with this frend ... and so ngam this fren got a newly arrived Angmoh boss who were sent here by their HQ in amadika to oversee the operation in this part of the world.

Acherly the angmoh is not invited to the yumchar one but the barger die die also wanna follow him to our yumchar wan ... so since hes his boss then no choice he kena bring him to our yum char session lor .. he told us that his boss also need some fwens while hes here one ler ... so we accomodate the angmoh n let him join our gang for a while la.

For the sake of this post .... lets call this angmoh John ok? this being his 1st time in Msia this john barger askied us alotsa questions about Msia which we very happy to tell him our grandmader story about the country we love so much la! Then suddenly John wanna go toilet ... he asked me lidis ...

John : How to say toilet in malay?
Me : Tonne-Dust
John : ok thats easy ... what about i wanna take a leak?
Me : peeing is Cunt-ching
John : HAHAHA!!! WTF? thats funny! what about I wanna shit?
Me : Shit is Bear-Rack in Malay
John : dem ... malay is really not that difficult huh? How to say stomach ache?
Me : Stomach ache is Suck-it-Pear-Root
John : shit u not pulling my leg rite? This is easy shit! .... how u say diahorrea?
Me : diahorrea is abit difficult .... so listen carefully ok .... diahorrea in malay is Chair-Red-Bear-Red
John : LOL!!! no shit ... damn i cant take this much laughs with my bladder filled to the brim! ... i wanna go Cunt-ching first ... when i come back please teach me more deal?
Me : OK! happy Cunt-ching!

Befoh the barger kambek from toiret i alredi chow .... bcoz misus sms me saying that my visa gonna expire soon ... not wanting to risk sleeping in the car i left as soon as i received the sms .... my fwen sms me this morning saying his angmoh boss is looking for me for another round of BM tuisyen LOL!


  1. wahhh... hahah.. we all cunt-ching eveli dei!

  2. boss i want my BM class also!

  3. u dam gud ler . . .cunt ching and later cunt cheong?

  4. you serious anotttttttt...... ROFLLL

  5. Oh Gosh. You are so funny!

  6. ha ha ha
    E-knee sand-get kirk-la-car

  7. cunt-ching wtf ahahahahaha

  8. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U damn pro eh.... can open BM tuition class for ang mohs liao.


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