15 September 2009

Tease & Wash - Singapore's First Topless Carwash Promo Videos & Parody

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Topless car wash in Singapore Tease and Wash Photographs! 18SX!!! NSFW!!!


We is going to convoy to Singapore together gether this kambing 26th Sept 2009 to get our car wash by topless Singkapohlians Chicks!!! Wat? u got no car?! No worry bring your motobike la! No motobike bring bicycle also can!!! Die die must let them wash! Clean anot .. thats anoder story ... but MUST WASH!!!

Whats the deal?

Well ... Singapore there got one Ahbeng gonna do nen-nen car wash! no bra wan!!! rub your car till sprakling clean!! get your car wash while having election!!! wuah mana mau cari man!!!

Dun briff me again? u read yourself la! Promo Videos, FB and website link @ the bottom of the page!

Car wash offers titillating rub down

A CAR wash in Singapore is offering customers a “one-day only erotic experience” of having topless women wash their vehicles.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Tease & Wash was offering the topless service as a promotion in the run-up to its official opening on Oct 1.

Its founder, Gerald Chen, 29, promised that the promotion would only feature “real” women washing the cars, and not men disguised as the fairer sex to trick customers.


OF COZ ... when there is believers ... there will indefinitely be Non-Believers also ... so there is this Ahbeng who dunch briff Singkapoh can habe Topless car wash and its all a BIG HOAX to lure all the HAMSAPS AHBENGS to one spot then to educate them about AIDS n CONDOMS KAKAKAKAKA!!! He even made a video ok!!! He suspek those topless chicks will be replaced by topless dude on that day itself! Watch and luff your ass off!!!

So ... what u tink? Hoax or true? You tink singkapoh gomen really gonna allow this? Personally .. i think the possibilities quite high also la .... dun forget one thing ... the made Geylang legal rite? This is just tits oni leh .... LOL!

OK cut the crap ... who want convoy down to Singkapoh leave your name here!!! Must bring own (car/motobai/baisikel) let the jiejie wash wan hor! if you lucky ... the topless jiejie might gibe u her bra as souvenier leh!


  1. alah I have to wait until next year oh rojaks. WAIT FOR MEEEE!!! I bring mah Honda Siti let the jie jie tit wash it. I'll make it dirty as possible!!

  2. there was a question asked by my fren, the crotch is too filled, sure it isnt a dick in there?

  3. There are a number of possibilities in situation like this:-

    1> It's not going to happen a.k.a last minute eject button or government clamp down.

    2> Define top-less a.k.a word play. When they say top-less, it depends, maybe they refer to no-shirt, but still got bra on etc. No shirt is still top-less.

    3> They wash your car in closed area a.k.a they sure are washing your car without bra etc but closed area, so nobody can see. What's the point like that? For all you know, maybe they ask some dude to wash, also can.

    4> Sad but maybe true. These jie jie got no 'assets' due to cancer / such. Topless will still look like dude, flat like airport. it's more educational than provocating.

    5> The girl all look like...vomit...you know la what i mean. I rather not wash than having nightmares and I have to re-wash / send for professional wash for contamination from ugly girls...uwekkkk.....

    6> Last but not least, IT WILL HAPPEN AND IT IS LIKE ALL THE AHBENGS WANTED. Full course dinner! (But I seriously think the possibility is almost zero.)

    Hmm...dunno la...that's what I think will happen. Dunno why oso, I think this is no fun, watch girl chest only what, u dun have chest meh? Wan see? go d/l la n watch all u want...


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