28 September 2009

Delay No More! - AhBeng Refreshening Crash Course

Its not what you think it is ... to an AhBeng Delay No More signifies the acknowledgement of Engrish towards AhBeng's existance.

Its not a new Phrase ... it first appears a few years back (from a movie i tink) but over the years it was slowly forgotten ...

Yesday I goto my brader Zewt's blog and saw this barger mia pics which he took from his HK vacation then oni i realised the Hongkies alredi started to make full use of this DELAY NO MORE phrase!

Pics stolen from zewt's blog ... dun tell him ah! he derno wan!

There is this boutique in HK that specialized in this kinda t-shirt ... they now put additional words below the DELAY NO MORE phrase like DELAY NO MORE recycled, or Stop smoking (according to bro zewt la) or watever fark line that u can put after a DELAY NO MORE phrase la!

If you must know what DELAY NO MORE means .... try saying the phrase as fast as u can while importing more n more Cantonese slang into it ... for non canto speaker /Ahbeng its easier for u to google the word "Delay no more + cantonese"

Still dont get it? Then ... DELAY NO MORE la!!! LOL


  1. lol, isn't this phrase being used a lot when we were in secondary skools?

  2. Delay No More Wings!!!

  3. lol @ sui cha boh...


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