30 September 2009

Diăo - an Ahbeng Rap

I like this rap song!! its by Namawee!!!

In the song it says ... if taiwanese say Diăo its trend ... but malaysian say Diăo then its no manners! niahma!!! Diăo!!

Here ... listen to this rap song and pay extra attention on the lyrics ok? So lan true wan!

Mch i dem hate those ppl act high crass look down on ahbengs wan. last time u in kampung that time everyday also say Diao ... now u kam KL edi wear tie goto work suddenly feel like angmoh edi ... see peeple tok canto, tok hokkien u look down on peeple ...

See peeple type engrish grammar wrong spelling wrong u look down on peeple say peeple no krass!!! Diăo u ler! U dont think ... last time u kam out from kampung that time ... the word engrish how to spell you also derno! now kam KL eat 2-3 years McD french fries edi suddenly bekam local angmoh edi izzit? Eat french fries can make u forget your own root and traditions one izzit? DIAO!!!


  1. Wat lah you...never give warning the lyrics in mandrin. I play already hear no road.

    You know, those mandrin speaking kids, before going KL, they always say Diao...diao....diao...

    Skali move to KL, diao became diu.

    Kuey teow also became kuey diu...

  2. wuah! what agitate u so muchy?!


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