30 September 2009

Topless car wash in Singapore Tease and Wash Photographs! 18SX!!! NSFW!!!

Note : This post is about bizarre news and its not porn related ok! you dont get this kinda news everyday and even the star is talking about it! There is nothing porn about this ok! If you think this is porn then goan fark urself!

Remembered i blogged about the First Topless car wash in Singapore back in September and everyone thinks its a hoax?

Everyone keeps saying that thing like this is impossible to happen in Singapore!!!

Well guess what? Today your luck is extremely good! My Buddy Casey from enginelounge.com is really a lucky basket!!!

I m now so the jeles of him bcoz he got the invites to goan shoot the whole TOPLESS CAR WASH thingy in Singapore and bring it back to Malaysia so that you hamsap baskets all can feast your eyes!!!!

The Entrance to HEAVEN CAR WASH!! LOL!

And this is one smexy jiejie washing car!! got see anot?!! REALLY TOPLESS CAR WASH LEH!!!

TOPLESS jiejie posing for the photo after washing car!

TOPLESS jiejie spray water leh!

TOPLESS jiejie rub rub your car!!! .... phuhhhhh .. rub rub here ... rub rub there ....

3 TOPLESS jiejies washing ONE car!!!! How to tahan?!!! HOW?!!!

TOPLESS jiejie spray water

OMG spray again!!!! Must tahannnnn!!!!! *inhaleeee ... exhaleeeee...*

No car? no car nevermind!!! TOPLESS jiejie willing to wash motorbike also!!! No motorbike?!! Bicycle also can!!!

After wash can camwhore with all the TOPLESS jiejies wann!!! Where on earth can u get your car wash by 3 TOPLESS jiejies and at the end of it ... they let u camwhore with them wan?!!! ONLY in Singkapoh!!!

They wash car Clean anot?? DOES IT REALLY MATTERS?!!! DOES IT??!!!! KAKAKA!!!!

Ok jokes aside ... seriously ... Whats the motive behind this Topless Carwash? Here is why ....

SKEPTICS had doubted such a show in squeaky clean Singapore but it was no tease. They were indeed wet, bubbly and topless.

Four young and sexy women did wash cars wearing only their bikini bottoms and high heels, as promised by the operator of a new motoring website.

Twenty lucky members of the Motoring Exchange portal were given a special treat to have their cars washed by the babes on Sept 26.

The location, kept a secret before the event, was an abandoned warehouse. It was dubbed a “private event” to use a loophole in Singapore’s laws pertaining to public nudity.
Read more here

Nosebleed pics source : http://www.enginelounge.com (yes .. there is more pics there!)


  1. wah lau beh huet ah

  2. Hmm...like I said..its only chests...everybudy oso got la...but I wonder the pixellations on the pictures can remove ah? haha...

  3. convoy convoy jommmmmmm....

  4. All the boobies censored! why!!

  5. fuh~! geng geng! very hot now

  6. Oh my god, Singapore gomen is so open.

  7. lin peh must be 1 of them....

  8. wahhh...so CHIOO!!

  9. Walau... sexy... chiong ah..

  10. u guys watch lah ...
    i be the car kakaka
    let them wash me n wash my exhaust pipe kakaka ~ ^0^


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