17 September 2009

What Kinda entertaiment Value does Sheep have?

When you mention the word "sheep" u will then think of New zealand? Yea .. i know .. i cant help it either la! ... those bargers is sick wan! Anyway lets not go there today ok? Today we look at sheep as a very useful/wonderful animal ...

So today when you mention sheeps .. that will actually remind me of its fur to make clothes ... and meat to makan .... and New zealander ... and Monalisa and fireworks .. and pong (yea pong the ancient computer game) and Samsung smart LED too!

You dunch understen what ayam toking about? nebermind ... watch the below video then u will understen wan!

WUAH!!! leng mou? ... i wonder if Samsung will sell the led to human anot? ... i wanna wear this and goto sleep ... glow in the dark man kakakaka ...

I m wondering ... if all sheep have glowing LED lights on them then ..... new zealander who tried to be funny with sheeps will be easily spotted KAKAKAKA!!!


  1. got peeples say this is fake mia wor. i oso dunno. but nice! hahaha

  2. wah...if this is real, I salute these guys! A job really well done!

  3. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Wow! Tat's very creative!

  4. nice shot! thanks for the video!

    ps you're invited to comment on my post to =)

  5. Anonymous4:32 pm

    those sheep very cham...going to be sold off as meat liao, still must kanah torture run up and down....


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