23 September 2009

Bak Kut Teh, Yee Sang is Mine!! ALL MINE!!!!

I remember last time (forgot when edi la) ... discovery channel showing this ads about Singapore one. In that particular ads got say Singpore is the culinary center of Asean ... at once i tell myself "WTF?!!! yau mou?!! so lan yucky food sommo say culinary center of Asean?! Farkiu la!"

Its a well known fact that Singaporean comes to Malaysia for food ... especially over the logn weekend. They will drive few hundred kliks just to get good food ... on the other hand ... do you happen to know any malaysian(s) that drove to singapore for food? do you? ... not me! I never heard sucha thing as "lets drive to Singapore for food!" but i must be honest ok? lately ... there is alotsa "Lets drive to Singapore to get our car wash LOL!"

Why did i brought this up anyway? ... well its my response to this article in The Star (yea the star again .. i cheapskate mah can? free online niuspepah leh!)

Dr Ng’s statement did not go down well with some Netizens in the region, especially Singaporeans, who had come to consider Hainanese chicken rice and chilli crab their own.

The more diplomatic ones shrugged it off as “a promotional exercise” but not everyone was as kind.

“She might as well claim that steamed white rice is also Malay-sian,” said a reader on Singapore’s Straits Times online discussion board.

Another post read: “Laksa, nasi lemak, Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab and bak kut teh – how many Malaysian outlets’ food is as tasty as the ones found in any food court here? Come and taste the originals by Singaporeans”.

“Countries of origin? Just cook and eat to your hearts’ content. It is how it is cooked and what makes tourists keep coming back to them that matters!” said another respondent on the forum.

Singaporean blogger TheBrother-hood questioned how Malaysia would make their claim on the dishes official.

“The principle of food sovereignty would be hilarious, if only it wasn’t taken so seriously. Tell me is chilli crab Malaysian or Singaporean? What about laksa, is it ours or theirs? Are we going to the Hague (International Court of Justice)?” he asked.

Alo?! niahma u all! U all also originated from Malaysia ... when singapore broke off and declare independant u all bring the culture n food along with u and now u claim Malaysia food originated from Singapore?!!! Singapore skool no teech history wan ar? KNN!! If you derno then dun pretend smart la! You go ask your grandpa n see the food came from where one la!!

Sommo ask ppl to taste your food court food sommo!!! They really derno where the food court operator originated from izzit? Singapore where got own food wan la? Other than Malaysia now Singapore food courts also serving China's dishes ... The only Singapore dish i known of is prolly Sing Chow Mai ... since the name itself alredi mentioned its from Singapore lol!!

Lastly ... befoh you Singkapohlians say anything about Yee Sang yet ... lemme make the claim now first!!! YEE SANG IS A MALAYSIAN DISH!!! YOU FARKERS DONT SMART SMART GOAN CLAIM ITS URS AGAIN OK?!!! Oh .. i forgotten another Ampang Originated dish AMPANG YONG TAU FOO IS MALAYSIAN DISH TOO OK?!!! YOU DONT GO CLAIM THE DISH IS SINGAPOREAN DISH IN DISCOVERY CHANNEL CAN?!!! you think you changed the name to Niang Too foo and u can claim its Singapore dish ka? PTUI!!!

Ok now that we all agreed that Yee Sang is a Malaysian dish so .... Farkiu n go prey far far!


  1. Two points:

    1. When us Malaysians used to work in Singapore, we were unanimous that great hawker food starts from Penang, and the further down the Peninsular one goes, the further down the taste goes. By the time we get to S'pore, its inedible. If you have never had terrible Char Kuey Teow, dry wantan noodles and many other yukky stuff that Singaporeans call theirs you will know what I mean. They can keep their black coloured Prawn Noodle soup or their sweet Char Kuey Teow. :-)

    2. I think the Sing Chow Mai is as Singaporean as Hainanese Chicken Rice is Hainanese.

    Yoon Lee

  2. right now indons also behave like this, they said that we are culture theft. but i dont really mind as i think of their low thinking level. but now even singaporean also behave like those stupid indons i wonder do we really a culprit?

  3. WOOOWWW nikmat sekali seprtinya...

    salam kenal dari Jogja Indonesia..

  4. Walao eh...the Singaporeans so kiasu until like that...Their culture oso Malaya bring one la...without Malaya, no Singapore lor. If Singapore didn't break from Malaya, Singapore is still called Malaysia today. Maybe they wan claim the Singapore Char Kuey Teow as theirs la...let them be la...we got the better Penang Char kuey Teow!

  5. Points well highlighted!

  6. Yoon Lee : I beg to differs ... I love the food in Batu Pahat and they are down south ler.

    Saiful : Well ... do u think nasi lemak does not originated from Msia?

    zibalbo : timasih indonesia!

    Ultima : Wellsaid!!!

    Lupie : tenkiu

  7. lancau la to kiasu ppls there.....
    I saw in AFC channel at 703 there say curry fish head is theirs....
    WTF........ and

  8. lancau la to kiasu ppls there.....too. malaysia boleh apa!
    now malaysia mau isit!semua mau! tallest building(not any more!)tallest flagpole,longest kue tiau,longest lanchow,shallowest mindset. welcome to malaysia!now all food also malaysia punya kah?
    den why cannot compose own national anthem? also wan to use indo folk song (terang bulan)and say it's malaysian is it? like all the rest of the claims la i suppose! grow up la.Dats why still remain 3rd world punya negri! kaapunkap!!

  9. Penang Char Kuey Teow...u think where from? Penang rojak...Hokkien Mee...try to eat the S'porean version and see you vomit or not? Also go eat their Mee mamak goreng and Satay at Satay Club...see got sam as our version or not...tiu, the mee also like small worms, no taste, farking expensive and the satay made from mince chicken or beef like lazy to cucuk and the peanut sauce...my spit lagi thicker!

    Singapore tua pow, got-la, the netizens all young and eat from food court, come eat our food court and see, guarantee, sleep there, wun go home...any weekend see only Sgp no.plat at gurney drive and their cialat Hokkien, pretend to be local to get discount on food...lan-leh, make so much want to pay cheap some more, no need to come also the hawkers got customers. Say some more their food good and original. Chilly crabs also they copy our sweet and sour, then add more chilly paste...like Hongkies, now come open shop in PJ, say their recipe from HK...dun believe go eat Tak Fook Crabs and see! From original msian cooking to HongKie taste pulak! I go HK since 1970, never eat any spicy food and now they got HK style chilly crab!

  10. Singapore is even worst than US in terms of history related stuff. They wanna claim something originated from them? My ass.

    What a freaking joke.


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