2 September 2009

Hear what Hongky Gotta Says About Firece Singapore Ahlian Who Weck her Bf's balls

As strange as it might seems ... looks like this S&M couple is going international pretty soon!!!

There is this Ahbeng in HongKong that speaks very Ahbeng kinda engrish (so you kena playback a couple of times to acherly understand what hes saying) and he made this video of what he think of the whole "fierce balls wecking Singapore Ahlian fiasco" ... nevertheless this Peter Chow is a freaking funny guy!

Enjoy ....

You just witnessed Hongky Engrish at its best! LOL! I cant get a shit hes saying during my 1st time watching ... gotta playback a couple of times to acherly get wtf hes saying!

Mother Bitch ... now thats a new word!

So whats next? Amadika? eh wait ... this farker is alredi in amadika! Vancouver canada! lol!


  1. Wah that mada facka engrish worse den my ah beng flen lor...

  2. That's you, isn't it?...

  3. WTF is chirish? LOL


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