3 September 2009


After 8 hours of daily fierce battle in the office and you leaving the office kena bruised and injured …. What kinda thoughts do you actually have in your mind? Where do you wanna go to heal your wounds?

The first thing that crossed my mind is to get rejuvenated! How to do or rather where to go to get that? The only way I could think of is to go for a massage!! YESH!!! I love massage!!! Massage is good … everytime I go for my massage I walked out feeling like I just been given a new body with a 100% fully charged battery.

But for a married man like me … a massage session is not without any consequences you see … lets look at the odds of getting a massage …

  • 1. You will have to convince your wife that the massage spa you went to do not offer any “happy ending” kinda serbis.
  • 2. You also will have to convinced her that there aren’t any female(s) working in the massage center.
  • 3. If you failed to ensure your wife that there isn’t any females(s) working at the massage center then you gotta convinced her that you did not talked to any females while you are there.
  • 4. Your also need to convinced her that your masseur is a guy! Not some pretty china girl in skimpy bikini!
  • 5. If you failed to do that then you kena make her briff that the masseur girl is actually a fugly bitch and you are not even aroused … not even abit!
  • 6. You gotta make her briff that the massage session took place in a public area with lotsa other male customers! It is brightly lighted and its not in some dim romantic light private room!
  • 7. You also must make sure the masseur do not use anything that resembles a women scented perfume massage oil you!
  • 8. Any long hair that does not belongs to you which you bring home is gonna cause you some hefty damages.

So, you see … getting a massage is not easy if you are a married man like me … what other alternative do I have?

Other than those factors mentioned above … I also hate driving thru the city traffics to get to the massage center not to mention … locating a car park! Worrying that I might lose my car in the high crime area totally puts me off the idea of getting a massage in the center of the city too!

But all that is gonna change you see … I got this one splendid solution to my massage fetish! Lemme share my idea with you all Ahbengs!

This fun cheong lum till sleep edi!

Before this I never thought that I would fall in love with a massage chair … not any massage chair .. it’s the one and only Ogawa Smartaire! This massage chair can do Zero Gravity wan!!! Massage till u high high dei … very song ah!!!

You see Nicole mia face ... u say lum anot?

All these happened during a nuffnang bloggers event held at the Ogawa showroom @ Pavillion.

The entrance of Ogawa Pavillion

Bloggers terrorizing Ogawa’s Pavillion showroom!

There is another thing I learnt during my visits to Ogawa Showroom that day … they are actually having this online promotion for fellow netizens!

Up to 70% discount specially for you oi!

Lets see what so good about these items shall we?

First we take a look at The Enviro Vacuum Cleaner guarantees no secondary pollution in your home because unlike conventional vacuum cleaners that uses dust bags; Enviro captures dust and retains it in the water to prevent it from being discharged into the air. Think of H1N1!!! Think of what this vacuum can do for your home and family! Then take a look at the spesel offer price! … Do u see what I see?! Lol!

You definitely need the Omron Digital Termometer! This is a must have in every home! Must check for temperature every now and then to make sure everyone in the family is Fever free!!! And @ only RM20 you do not have any reason not to get one!!! Its for the family ok?

Lastly we look at the Eye Tune and Eye Touch … both items are now below the RM200 mark! I don’t know about you but these 2 items definitely will do me good! Maybe oldage catching up la … I lately dem easy to get headache… sommo I late late also no sleep wan! Always sit in front of monitor staring at it long long till late hours! (No! I not watching p0rn ok?!!! I is werking n blogging and let lengluis hit on me can?!) so all I have to do now is to put on my Eye Tune and let it work its magic on me … cpuple of mins before I go to sleep! Who said healthy lifestyle is difficult la?

And if you think EYE TUNE and EYE TOUCH will make you look hideous …. Take a look at the below photo ….

PinkPau with Pink EYETNE

I think Pinkpau looked effing HAWT with EYE TUNE on! …. Who knows .. your other half might get turned on too to see you in one of this!

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger/nuffnanger or not … all you need to do is to print out the above coupons and present it at any Ogawa showroom to entitle yourself for the spesel promo price! Its that Ez!

For more infos on these you can either visits Ogawaworld.net or http://www.nuffnang.com.my/blog/2009/08/23/exclusive-online-deals-from-ogawa-just-for-you/

Fatit grab your favourite items before the promo ends!!! Finish edi u don’t regret ok!


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  2. wah lan eh.. even u got advert post.


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