7 September 2009

Hamsap Car Alarm - Only for Ahbeng!

Why does car alarm habe to be annoying loud and so un-sexy??! ... if got car alarm goes off in your neighbourhood you think your neighbours bother to go out n take a look anot?

Of coz no la! they fark u no free la! they prolly will close door to prevent your annoying car alarm sound from disturbing them further! No one will give a fark other than you ok? that is ... provided you are around to care la lol! What if you balik kampung or go oversea edi? then who gonna plotek your car?!!

How?!! sked leh!!!! but AhBeng you dont worry ok? Now got new car alarm system to plotek lu mia Wiralution sepot car from being stolen! If you installed this alarm edi i gerenti your neighbour will come out n look if you alarm goes off! Not only your neighbour ... your neighbour's neighrbour's neighbours's neighbours also will kam out n look at your car!!! In fact whole kampung also kam look at your car wan!!!

I really no bruff you wan! .... I gerenti you no regret install this alarm one! if nobody curi your car that time ... u can use it to arose your Ahlian(s) also!!!!

What alarm is that? This alarm is call the Climax / Orgasmic car Alarm!!! How to use wan? ... haha we got video to show you how it works in details!!!

After you watch .... pulez call the number below to place your order ok? 1st 556,864,234.64 orders will receive limited edition condom Cap Ahbeng one year supply!!! LOL!

How ... you like this Hamsap alarm mou?! ... i bet your Ahlian gerfrends will like it wan!! U dun briff you install and see la!!!


  1. Eh...I no car leh. Can install at home ar?

  2. omg!! this is a super awesome alarm, and i bet like nobody else would have it...


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