25 September 2009

Malaysian Jackass - Bangsar Burger King Drive thru Gig

You watched the Amadika version of Jackass befoh? If u havant then i rekomen u goan get a copy of the dvd n watch it ... its sick but funny ok?

So far i havent seen any of our home grown boys did those sicko stuffs like those in the amadika version but a frend of mine passed me this video who were made by his frends in bangsar Burger king! The video is about 4 baskets who drove thru burger king drive thru with a ferrari!!! A cardbox farrari!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

Video is below ... the pic above is only the screenshot from the video oni ler!

I been told that this 4 baskets all went abroad to study edi ... if not god knows what kinda gig they will come out with next! What a waste!!! LOL!


  1. LOL! I have a bunch of friends from Garden International who did a copy of Jackass called Dumbass. Had the CD lying around somewhere!

    Er I think that's the Desa Sri Hartamas Burger King, though...

  2. @albert: I wanted to say it doesn't look like Bangsar BK.

    These kids are damn annoying. They should act better. LOL! I thought my bro was an asshole when he go to drive-thru with his bicycle.

  3. they have got the time and guts... they need someone go give them a good script and more hilarious ideas... and of cos... better acting... must do everything with a straight face...

    wingz... u should start something like these with all us crazy bloggers!hahah!

  4. they must be lose to football gambling
    the loser must wear a paper car and do a drive thru to order a meal


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