24 September 2009

To Grow Old In JB - A Song By Singaporean

Why lately so much news about Singapore? If thats what u asking .... then lemme ask u bek lor .. do u briff in coincidence? So ngam oni ler! It just happened that the interesting stuffs i stumbled upon these few days are related to Singapore! Its not my fault Singapore got so many interesting things ok?

so there ... Singaporean r advised (in this song) not to waste the space in Singapore (bcoz Spore very small so kena leave the space to young productive peeps) and go JB to spend the rest of their miserable life LOL! Not i say one ok?!! the singer say wan ah!!!

This is acherly good news for Malaysian who is working in singapore ok? If your Singaporean employer/ manager/supervisor lansi with u ... u just tell him lidis he sure shrink balls one "You dun lemme see u in JB when u old ok?" kakakakaka!!!

*sings* If AhKong kanna sick ... send him to JB~~~ Dem! the song is now stuck in my head!!! cant shake it off !!!

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  1. You say my Paris Ris Low news late for one week. You lagi late lor...
    I saw this like half year ago.


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