19 June 2006


I got tagged by Cynthia to do this interestly exciting meme (Oh boy i m so excited!)

4 jobs I would stink at: Stink means awfully smelly right?
  1. Garbage collector (they stink isnt it?)
  2. Indah Water Feces pumper (they stinks too!)
  3. Dentist (imagine if your jobs requires you to look at rotten teeth and stinko mouth day in and day out!)
  4. Marathon runner (Have you ever go near them after they finish running? Eww!! )
4 nicknames I’m making up for myself: (This one is a piece of cake)
  1. Wingz (I still like this one best!)
  2. Very Hansem
  3. Hou Lan Chat Hansem
  4. Hou Kau Lan Chat Hai Kau Hansem
4 movies I can watch over & over:
  1. LOTR Threesome Trilogy
  2. Bond .... James Bond
  3. Chinese Opera
  4. All Movies Starring Baat Leung Gum
4 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time:
  1. Any beer thats is provided FREE OF CHARGE
  2. Todi Cap Tiga Bintang
  3. Home Made Tuak
  4. Late Harvest(Australia) or Ice Wine(Canada) (of vintage years one la)
4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:
  1. Heaven (Bocz for sure I know I m going to hell, so this is the only chance I can see what I m gonna be missing later)
  2. The House of Micheal Jackson ( I wanna see for myself if this fler really a child molester)
  3. North Pole (Someone told me that if you peing in the open, you pee can turn into ice within 5 seconds after discharge from your kkc, if thats is true then i wanna make lotsa ice scruptures with my pee)
  4. Iraq (I've been told that the situation there is pretty much the same as in Hell, since i m going to hell later ... why not familiarise myself 1st right?)
4 things I love to do on weekends:
  1. SLEEP
  2. Play dead and pretend I m now a corpse
  3. Pretend I m still a bachelor so i dont hafta wakeup early to bring my family to breakfast
  4. Bring Lil Devil to the park and ogle at pretty chicks
4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
  1. Bobby Yip King Sang
  2. Jacky Cheung
  3. Charmine Sheh
  4. Yua Aida
4 objects I could not live without:
  1. Handphone (double as vibrator, Media player, personal computer, fax machine and communication devices)
  2. Hamtais
  3. My KKC
  4. My left hand ( Right hand also can but i feel left hand more comfy ler)
4 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have:
  1. Gigantic Vibrator
  2. GPS NAvigation unit
  3. Sunto Dive Watch
  4. Tag Heuer Monaco 69
4 wannabe celebrities tagged:
  1. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
  2. Ahpek
  3. 5xmom
  4. Inevitable


  1. ....
    So this is our first 'kin min lai'?

  2. Tiu what you need a vibrator for? You BrokebackMountain one issit?

    Aiks, this is the 2nd time I kena tagged over the same meme. Must do it liao. Haih....

  3. Hey, another nick for your record

    Hou Len Chat Yau Yeng geh chiu kap yeng nam, would like to follow up where Lilian left off.... wat is your phone brand wor?? Can double as a vibrator one??

  4. heaven? wingz... i think you use too much gigantic vibrator leh...
    better you gife to winston befor you get worst......

  5. Anonymous1:44 am

    I agreed !!

  6. Anonymous1:46 am

    Me oso kena tagged by the same meme !!

  7. haha..the best part is ur nickname. But then hor, *whisper (scare wingz come kill me)* 4 objects I could not live without I tot wingz will put kkc no1, rupanya hp more important than kkc


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