21 June 2006

Ahbeng the Insurance Agent

Ever noticed how we chinese sometimes face some difficulties in pronoucing some of the english words because our tongue are simply not trained to say "R" or "L" or "J" or "S" ? This seems to be more obvious among those who studied in Chinese skools ... our joke today will evolve around this kinda mis-pronnounced words. Why I am telling you this? Well dats bcoz i tried it on a few fler and they dont get the punchline! A Joke without punchline is like a guy without balls! Comprendo?!

This time Ahbeng is chinese educated, not very good in Engrish but he got an Engrish name .... his Engrish name is Jackson. Jackson Chow Ahbeng.

Ahbeng just got a job as a insurance agent in a well known insurance company. Since this is his new job and he is also never been selling insurance before, Ahbeng is working really hard on this .... he learnt all there is to learn about this industries and he also learnt about consumer physcology and how to make them say yes. (Just like the stuffs Lampe Berger is using on you guys)

Ahbeng is doing exceptionally well, by the end of his first week with the company he managed to close 20 new insurance policies altogether. This is exceptionally good for a newbie and his supervisor recomended Ahbeng to his boss for early confirmation.

This caught The Boss's attention, The Boss decided to check out Ahbeng a.k.a. Jackson. One day he decided to bug Ahbeng's phone, he wanna listen to Ahbeng talking to his clients and evaluate his skills from the phone calls he made.

After about 8 phone calls from Ahbeng to his clients The Boss were really impressed, The Boss then decided to have a chat with Ahbeng .... he walks up to Ahbeng and .....

Boss : Wuah Young man! your persuasion skill is among the best I ever seen!
Ahbeng : Eh! you are my CEO! Thank you sir!
Boss : Tell me young man, where did you pick up that skills from?
Ahbeng : I picked it up in Yale sir.
Boss : YALE? I am from YALE myself too! What a coincident! I sense we will have a lot in common young man!
Ahbeng : Yes sir.
Boss : So, whats your name sonny?
Ahbeng : My name is Yackson Sir!


I know some of you still dont get the punchline, nvm nvm ... read it a few times then u will understand ok? If read a few times alredi still dun understand then u walk out to the middle of the street and let the city bus run over you ok?!!!



  1. Anonymous5:45 am

    You are a yackass!

  2. Wah. U not scare all those frm chinese skol come find u ar? Lucky I'm a malay skol chai :P

  3. Anonymous9:18 am

    hehehhehehe.....yungai buloh or Yudu ?

  4. Anonymous9:40 am

    terenceg, the one in Yudu does not serve as a Yale anymore la.

  5. Slupid but funni yoke... hahahaha

  6. ah beng's a jailbird!

  7. Anonymous1:40 pm

    wah, yale bird oso have such a good
    persuasion skill.!! wakakaka..

  8. *SNIFF*

    wingz.. i also speak english like that..

  9. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Wah, which Yale is this? Can learn awesome skills mehh...

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  11. you learn persuasion skills in yale - proly to convince yalemates to do to your bidding

  12. you wan know.... i tell! you....
    i lead over and over still no know wat you setoli is...
    (translate in hokkien)

  13. Anonymous12:11 am

    I bet this was some Jewish joke. It's not common for chinese to confuse J and Y. It's more common for Jewish as you can see Jesus is pronounced as Yesu and Jehovah as Yehovah.......


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