5 June 2006

FIFA Worldcup 2006 - Secret Strategies of Various Countries Revealed

Got this set of pics from the forum posted by "oh my god" ... tenkiu vehleee machi

The secret is out! one of of spy managed to intercept an inkambing highly secure secret email that contains secret strategies of a few countries which will be used in the upkambing FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany.

Among those exposed ares : The English team, The German Team, French Team, Brasil Team, Swiss Team, Turkey and Lastly the Scottish.

We at Rojaks Daily endangered our lives to bring you this piece of news so that you will know which team to bet on and you dont hafta pawn your oldman after the World Cup. Fader days is kambing ... be nice to ur oldman ok? dont sell him off to AhLong!

Depending on the wind, the striker's position may vary...

Radical, efficient, unstoppable .... (balls speed may reach 297 km/h)

Tjhey managed to lose the game by themselves, no help needed.

no comments!

In their plan, they try all the possible hypothesis but they forgot the goal!

NOTE : the red dot is not the ball, its the referee!

The Scottish Team : stay at home and watch the others on TV!

Can you feel the World Cup heat yet ??




  1. Anonymous5:44 pm

    hahaha LOLz!

    good one!

  2. Anonymous5:52 pm

    haha good one mate.. shiet too bad my exam starts friday... and ends in 3 weeks time

  3. wuah! the brasilian tactic so messy wan! dielah coz the australian team is up against them sure die wan!

  4. scotish got plan oso they show their klit to reffree


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