27 June 2006

Rojaks Daily Five Minutes of Fame

It was 2:30am I was about to switch off my notebook n goto sleep when suddenly an email kambing into my gmail, so I thot what the hell la, might as well check it 1st before i goto sleep la.

This is what I saw in my email :
howsy said...

Majiam from that Movie Click only.
Eh, why lu neva blog about your kembang moment in Malay Mail har?

2:18 AM

I then fast fast call my fwen who is a loyal sapoter of MMail newspaper and managed to get a scanned copy of the article emailed to me. (Many tenkiu to my brader Vince. Soli brader! 3am in the morning ask u to scan this for me! lol ..... Wantan Mee on me ok?!)

Ladies and Genitalmen!! I presents to you my 5 minits of Fame!!11oneonesatu

Click on the image for a larger version

Click on the image for a larger version

Tenkiu Latuk Howsy for the infos!!! Who say blogging no future wan??!!!!

Ahmah! Ngo Duck Jor Lar!!!!

OK! 5 minits is up! Time to goto sleep now!

Link to Article in MMail : HERE
Link to Rojaks Daily Rude Malaysian Post : HERE



  1. Konglets! Konglets!

    I was actually anticipating them to feature about this 'rude Malaysians' topic by Malaysian bloggers and I got it correct! Should have bet big on this lar!

  2. Oh..the masili post aso come up on MMail..Geng la..Another treat from Wingz

  3. Anonymous9:01 am

    waaahhh .... lu femes liao lah!!! when is the personal interview with RTM, TV3,TV8, TV7, TV9?
    I be your manager can ah?

  4. Anonymous10:00 am

    Wah, somebodi getting famous liao wor. Must belanja makan.

  5. lojak...lei hai tuck ge!! you have a sharp observation!

  6. wei.. first u made 8 liong kum femes, then u mention C4 Sri Endah.

  7. kongratz wingz... now veli famous liao lo... since ah pek become ur manager then security wise I take over la... wakakaka...

    making sure no one can even touch ur bulu also...

  8. can give otograph ar...
    mana tahu can sell in ebay...?

  9. *fast-fast run to rub shoulders and leave my blog link* Ammah lei duck jorrrr....mm hou mm kei tak ngo!!!!

  10. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Lei yao duck jor lah!

  11. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Manager and security post taken up then I be your driver can anot??

    Wuahahahaha.. congrat wingz!!

  12. thot i ada komen tadi. anyway, congrats. now celebriti liao, suggest you take up kah wee mia offer. prevent kidnapping lah

  13. howsy : nvm got next time one maa

    young : no la they like the marsili picture only lol

    ahpek : manager? i want!!! but no gaji one wor!

    inevitable : diu la lanci for what la ... life goes on like usual for me still ... infact alot suckier

    hijackqueen: roti kosong value meal ngam anot??

    seefei: haha actually i lucky only ... so ngam after i took that pic they tok bout rude msian lol

    lmf : makai they all get free promo liow laa lol

    kahwee : u know kungfu anot wann?? must take bullets for me one wor!

    pisang : otograph ka? RM5 each

    5xmom : rub shoulder also no use ... trapik no go up lol

    bryan : hahaha yao duck jor? but but this is the first time only wor!

    aceone : driver can! got marsili anot?

    nyonya : celebriti? aiyo pulez ler ... i just wanna be a regular guy .. celebriti celebriti tak main! kidnap me also no use ... i pokai mia kaki lol

  14. Aiya! Obviously you did not read my entry http://chiban2.blogspot.com/2006/06/world-cup-fever-are-you-feeling-it.html

    And not one person commented about it. In fact, your Daily Rojaks seem to be the reference they make when they talk about blogging related matters. So, who knows, the Daily Rojak will become a frequent name in MM.

    Wah!!!! Famous oredi lorrr... wkakakakka....


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