16 June 2006

"X" Marks the Spot!

Linpeh and Cocka just rob a bank and they managed to ditched those police that were chasing them along the way, they switched a few cars and made it quite impossible for the police to trace them.

Linpeh and Cocka robbing a bank
In the car :

Linpeh : We are rich! we are rich!!! yahoo!!!
Cocka : YESH!!! I told you we will pull it thru!
Linpeh : Sure you did and now we got away from the cops so, whats next?
Cocka: First, lets find a place to hide all these money and lay low for a couple of months.
Linpeh : Ermm ... Lay low? but i wanna go Karaoke to celebrate with piao meis!!!
Cocka : That one later only do lar ... eh help me think where to hide all these money la.
Linpeh : What kinda place you want ?
Cocka : I want to hide the money in a place where noone would ever know!
Linpeh : hmmm ... there is this lake up in the hill in my kampung last time ....
Cocka : A Lake! yes! what a wonderful place to hide our looted money! Lets go!

They arrived at the lake only to find out that the lake were turned into a holiday destination by the locals. There were even sampans for rent, they got themself a sampan and quickly row to the middle of the lake.

Cocka put a few bricks into the bag of money and then he wrapped the bag with a few layers of plastic bags just to make sure the water will not get into the bag and destroy the money. Cocka then throw the bag into the lake and both of them watches as the bag sinks into the bottom of the lake.

Just before they wanna row back to the river bank Linpeh suddenly shouted ;

Linpeh : AIYAH! Diu la!!!!
Cocka : Mahai dont suddenly shout lidat can anot?!!! diu what diu?
Linpeh : We havent do marking yet la! next time how to come back to this spot and get the money?
Cocka : Wuah! lucky you thot of that! if not we sure knot find the money wan!
Linpeh : Of coz lar! I clever one wei!
Cocka : Yala yala u clever lar, what u waiting for? fast fast make a mark la!
Linpeh : OK!

*Linpeh then take out a marker pen and draw a big "X" on the side of the sampan, on seing this Cocka suddenly exploded*

Cocka : Wah lan eh! this is the most stupiest thing I ever seen in my entire life!
Linpeh : What stupid stupid? You want me slap 9 you die anot?
Cocka : Diu! you mark on the sampan for what??!!
Linpeh : Then if not mark on the boat mark where ?
Cocka : Diuu ... thats why i say u stupid laaa .... you gerenti we can rent back this SAME boat the next time we come wan ar?



  1. Anonymous8:57 am


  2. Anonymous10:28 am

    Dui! Go mark it on the water la.

  3. they should turn back and put all their money at piao mei and mark 'X' at piao mei body...

  4. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Wuahahahaha.. not a good idea hiding the monies in the middle of lake.!!

  5. Why mark 'X' wan? They think go 'UNDI' izzit?


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