20 June 2006

Pheeweett!!! Help Vote for this 2 Lengluis!!!!

My taikor Jason asked me to help this 2 lengluis win the Maybeline Beauty contest, his "frend" is contesting and he would be happy if they could win .... I would be happy too! I think the lengluis would be the happiest!!!
Maybe after they won the contest they will throw us one party! hows that? Well first, you guys gotta help them win by voting for them lor!

What you waiting for?? Click HERE to vote for this 2 lengluis!!!! If they won then Jason taikor will blanja everybodi makan nasi ayam ball ball!!!

See properly before vote wei! dun wrongly vote for other girls lar kanneh!!! vote for the girls in the above pic can?!!!!

ok kautim sau kung!


  1. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Wokeh, 1 vote oledi added to Ms Foo Hui Yee & Pang Jin Lan. !!

    Win ledi, sure got party party anot??

    Pssst, can vote again ar? !!

  2. no need belanja me but tell jason you had click 100 times every day on my adsense advertisment

  3. Can vote every 5 minutes ler :D

    If you want to see more pictures of jinz, click here and here.

  4. Anonymous1:02 am

    frycrab here...i voted liau.must pei min pei min....from mmu?hohohoho...im not from there anyway.tiuz...if got party i from ipoh...pork also pork or lann also lann come join party!hahahah

  5. Niamah! I just had dinner and you frightened me with these pics ar?? Diu!

  6. Anonymous5:47 am

    I also kau tim sau kung!

  7. Wah..Last time go jason web, he ask for vote but no party and food...But come Rojaks, got this 'free gift'.

    Jason: stil need many many vote ar?

  8. Anonymous10:30 am

    This type of face you call leng lui ah? Chi cheong kai a lot la.


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