3 June 2006

Malaysian Road is full of Tycoons and their kids

Like most of you guys I drive to work everyday, I wish i dont hafta drive that often but our public transportation is too efficient for me to catch up with them therefore, i discard any possibilities of me catching up with our country's public transportation system and relied on myself to get me to places.

Most of you would know about this alredi but just in case you are new to Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur or you never been here before I would like to tell you this. Malaysian roads are dominated by tycoons and their kids, they own all the roads in Kuala Lumpur and they can choose to drive anyway they please.

They are special you see, because they or their father own the road they are not required to adhere to all the traffics rules and laws. They can drive anyway the see fit, they also are not required to Queue up also! They have the lisense to jump any queue whenever they like.

Where is our traffic polices?? oh you mean you didnt know? one of the best job in malaysia is to become a traffic police, then only work 4 hours in a day! 2 hours in the morning between 8-10am thats when the morning rush begins and 2 hours in the evening between 5-7pm (that when everyone is rushing home) other than that its free and easy (u no i no la).

Now do you belif me if i tell you that Malaysia got more tycoon per square feet than anywhere in ther world? You better belif it! bcoz every farking body seems to own a road these days!

Dont belif? see for yourself!


  1. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Oi Taikor, magnify the number plate big big lah, if not how to buy 4D lidat?

    p/s : No 2 !!!11one

  2. Eh, why you take picture of my car?

  3. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Brader, it's very funny. very very funny. I agree with you. You should be given Tun Wingz for your great introduction of Malaysia.

  4. hmm... i am one of the tycoon's son..


  5. i feel.. fortunate that i am living in kch` at least not so much tao keh kia here` hahahah

    forgive them.. maybe they just need to lao sai leh?? :P

  6. what to do when they go pay their saman they put extra few note color purple wan...
    or they go to head cheif of paul-least and mintak him to discount....

  7. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Yalah!! Malu lah!! I've got an ang mo client that came to KL with me and it literally scared the shit out of him riding in KL taxis. Actually, scared the shit out of me too, but must act calm just to make him feel better. I think these little tycoons are not as bad as those the Lorry tycoons??

  8. not rushing for birth cert la, is rushing for reincarnation lolx!!

  9. Haiyo, if u wana c ppl jumping Q, vy easy only. U take the road from Serdang (frm Serdang market) to South City Plaza. Evyday or can say evytime the traffic light is RED color, u can c da road magically expand frm 2lane bcome 3lane.

    Get it to dude


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