1 June 2006

XMEN III : You All Got Saw Spiderman Innit Anot?

For those who seen XMEN 3, did you realised that Spiderman appearing in any of the scene int he movie? NO?

How come the XMEN III i Seen got Spiderman in it one??!!!! Serious! I no bruff you one geh! You dont belif right? Nevermind, I got record down a short clip where the Spiderman appeared in the movie XMEN 3 for you all to see. I leehly no bruff you wan!!!

Video after the jump (actually I derno What da fark the mean by that but i just follow anyway)


ok jumpED ledi! now can show video liow LMAO!


  1. hahaha.. i saw this clip in forwarded mails before.. at first i din quite get it, only after second time playing it that i got what it's trying to tell LOL

  2. rofl...
    Ei wingz, tat spiderman is u isit?

  3. spider-man is mutant too mah.....
    btw it looks like ultraman to me...

  4. Anonymous12:33 am

    Got superman oso, you derno meh?

  5. this is interesting...

    the spiderman sure know how to come out le... lol.. even director also dunno bout it...

    i can verified it's a true copy during production... lol... so it's not plan before hand...

  6. Anonymous5:10 pm

    This video clip is shot for laughs. Note the actress on the left; she can be seen smiling when the spiderman appears


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