20 June 2006

Subang Immigration Service Counters

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Dragged outta my bed bloody early on a drizzling morning and forced to drive all the way in mader farking crazy traffic jam, i derno how you folks can do it everyday, but if i gotta drive in this kinda traffic conditions every farking morning then you better kill me.

I m better off being a PRO-blogger who works at home. Now I know why they gomen wanna increase petrol price ledi .... look at how much fuel you are burning everyday~!

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I was told by my bro-in-law that this subang imigration department is one of the peeple-less imigration service counter in town. What he forgot to tell me was that the blardee federal highway is one of the most annoying highway in town too!

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Its almost 10pm and a peek into the public waiting area revelas that there is still plenty of empty space n seats. Unlike the filled-to-the-brim imigration service center in Wilayah Complex that i used to go to.

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See how *comfortable* it is? plenty of chairs and definitely not crowded, they even got an instant photo booth and photocopy center within the premises itself so you dont hafta freak out if you dont have your pictures taken and your documents photocopied. You can do it all here.

If you are here to renew your passport or to make a new one, just goto counter 11 and ask the nice fler to give u the form (RM1) each, fill in the form, attach photographs and photocopied documents then submit to counter 1. You will then be given a number .... just sit and wait for your numbers to be called. Our turn comes up 5 minutes after we submitted our forms.

By far this is the most efficient imigration services center in the whole blardee Malaysia!!!!

Ah? why am I here? err ... see answer down below

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NEH .. this blardee Lil Devil wanna bikin passport ler! RM150 Burnt *sigh*

This Immigration services center is located just before terminal 3 old subang international airport.

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  1. That little fler is so cute ler! Does he take the look after the papa or the mama??

  2. Anonymous11:58 am

    wingz, i agreed wif ya. subang imigration is far more efficient than wilayah compleks imigration. i made my passport there too!

  3. ur lil devil will be jetseting soon ah!

  4. Hoi, hoi, can help me ah? I want to write a 'How to get a passport for your child' for my parenting blog. Boleh kasi tips on:
    1) Photo (need dark colour etc)
    2) Bapak or emak only need to attend
    3) What document needed
    4) Budak needs to return when collecting (I think not)

    Tolong encik. In return, I kasi lu 'fu' to protect lu from sex crazed ghosts. LOL.

  5. Is Lil Devil going vacationing?? Disneyland? Tokyo motor show?? lol

  6. Anonymous1:57 pm

    This morning heavy rain. Klang Valley all also exceptionally heavy jam but federal highway is gilababi jam everyday! Going to Phuket issit...

  7. Cute fellow. I have to go there too one of these days to prepare passports for my kids.

  8. titoki, from mama... papa fugly.. hahaha

  9. you must plan to bring you lil'devil to HK disney land izzit?

  10. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Hmm.. The Kuala Terengganu office is just as efficient :) And you can get your passport the next day :)

  11. Y 2day lil devil look like dat ge?! Overjoy bcoz papa wana bring him to hatyai cari makan?

  12. Anonymous5:24 pm

    waahh.. world cup won so much now wan to bring family overseas liao.

  13. Anonymous6:55 pm

    So young already got passport to go overseas liao, you are such a good daddy. :)

  14. titoki: like father la of coz!

    aceone : wuah cilaka lu never tell me got such a nice immigration opis

    wuching : no ler train setting only

    frostier : go Singapoh cari Xiaxue la lol!

    5xmom : can can nanti i reply lu

    helen : genting 1 day trip consoder holidei anot ar ?

    hijackqueen : niaseng .. itu federal highway is one puki road! phuket too expensive la .. go genting only.

    adam : how many devils u got ?

    inevitable : fark u deep deep!!!

    pisang : HK disneyland? i can go bankrupt ok if go HK disneyland

    pelf : kuala terengganu also efficient?? wuah this is news wei! but here also can get passport the next day also wor!

    youngbrat : no, bcoz he kena wakeup at 7am... dats why his face still blurr blurr lol

    ahpek : diu ler i dun gamble one la ... if i gamble i think i pokai ledi , bcoz all my prediction tak jadi sial!

    bryan : yar i memang the best-est daddy in the WORLD!!!111oneonesatu


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