27 June 2006

Blonde Wannabe XiaXue Whacks Malaysian

She even came out with her own theory on why we (Malaysian) are so rude and here izzit :
"I mean, think about it... Why are Malaysians some countries' citizens so rude? Because it is a conservative country, and girls aren't supposed to wear little clothes.

Why are Americans so polite? (Particularly in the south, that's what I heard) Because everywhere you go girls aren't wearing bras! The girls feel more comfortable, thus they are happy. The boys.. well it's obvious why they are happy.

Even gay people are happier coz they can go to Canada to get married - it's near. (Unhappy gay - oxymoron?) Coincidentally, you might also notice Toronto's citizens are very polite too (no.3 in that survey).

Now compare another Asian city, Bangkok. Bangkok is full of sleazy sex places, and it's citizens are very polite, bowing and smiling to you all the time. It doesn't matter if they are mumbling curse words at tourists behind those smiles, the fact is that they at least bother to pretend to be polite - and it's the effort that counts!

I think sexual liberation is the key to the rudeness of a country's citizens. I know, because I bought a Playboy magazine for my guy friends (USD$8.99, dammit!), and they all appeared significantly happier."
Full crappy story link : HERE

Now you know why got so many TammyNYP lehhh??!!! I derno whether what she said reflects the current education policy in Singapore anot ... you mean this is what they taught you in skool??
"Fark and be merry!
No Fark turn Grouchy?"

In short that Fake Blonde fler is saying that How nice if Singapore can have as much *sleazy* whore house as Bangcock then they all will be nicer! Malaysia no whore house so we are not as nice ... we are all horny n fulla sperms and if you want your bf/guyfwen to be happy, buy him playboy magazines.

Why? Why buy him playboy magazines? Because you are gawd dem FUGLY!!! pity your bf/guyfwen! Let him wank at some pretty girls pics ok?!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I think there are a fair numbers of Fler Singaporeans who reads Rojaks Daily ...... feel free to comment on this issue ok? We are all braders n sistas mah! I wont weck u wan! I only weck dog! Wuahahahaha!!!

This post were never meant to poke fun at flers Singaporean ... this post is only to weck certain shallow wide plump face blonde wannabe pink poodle oni! (Yea I admit I memang rude! but I oni rude to Wide Face pink poodle Blonde wannbe only ... Blow ah?)

erm ... Suanie is on hiatus so she cant blog buden she asked to add something here :

suanie.net says:
Actually malaysians aren't rude, only to some tourists nia... !
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  1. really must salute our Ma-Lai-Sia Dai-Kor lah for putting out his "head" for us :)

  2. Karma.


  3. Oh! tenkiu for voicing out. Wakil Malaysia, eh?
    me very de kam tong..*tears*

  4. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Wingz, Thank you for being the Voice of Malaysia. :)

  5. Tiu lar, wanna fight, go fight CNN lah. Don't bother about the can't nina lah.

    But hor, I am here to tell you to fast-fast go to :

    She went to HK and met YOU. Fast-fast go ask her for the photo of YOU.

  6. Aiks, soli hor, u already know ah? NVM lah, I sex-ited see you and your lui-lui, so fast-fast come here before reading sming's comments.

  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    maybe we all dye our hair blonde. then maybe she will like leh?

  8. Dunno what to say.... lol Watching bola tonight ar???

  9. hahah.. 5xmom, u so sayang Wingz huh.. fast fast go tell him d. :P
    Anyway, Wingz, I got one or two photo of you with a Cheena leng lui.. Quite hot.. U want ? If yes, I can send it to you..

    anyway, I don't think Malaysians are really rude. Got nice people around also. Singaporeans are no better. I got relatives there, so I go every year at least once. Cheh !!
    Somemore try to protect herself by saying we are really rude if we argue back or scold back.. I also cannot remember the word d.
    Same same neighbour.. y say till like that?? Wai sa moh ?


    kudos to Wingz

  11. Anonymous5:43 pm

    seeeeeeeeeeriousssssssly...her face is so FUCKING UGLY but wana act like she got a lot of sexperience lidat. who believe la? she pay any guy 1 million buck oso nobody wana fuck her. dat kinda face wud be an old maid til she kaput! ptooiii!!!

  12. Anonymous5:44 pm

    fuiyoh..wingz "chut tau" for us.!!

    Tenkiu, blader.

  13. Anonymous5:51 pm

    She hasn't met up with the neo-nazis and white-pride red necks yet....hohohohoho..

  14. wingz if you recieve any poisen letter or treatening letter dunsked tell to .... m.... ah pek.. he sure can wack them back...

  15. Anonymous6:07 pm

    niama! wings president!

  16. ho ka ho chiu (non-disable) people who uses toilet for the disable considered rude or not ar??

  17. Anonymous7:44 pm

    why bother about someone like her? there are always rude ppl from every country. She just happened to encountered those friendly american yet she didnt encountered any rude americans or australians. wait till she encounters them then she knows the differences between polite and rude. oh she needed buy a playboy mag for her bf?? that tells u something doesnt it? tenkiu for voicing out n bringing it our attention.

  18. Hehe... good one... sorry couldn't help but posting a comment...

  19. Anonymous8:03 pm

    like hello, xiaxue also said THIS.

    (I KNOW free porn can't be the solution. I AM JUST KIDDING. Geez, some of us can't take a joke.)

    (If Malaysians, Singaporeans and Hongkongers start scolding me then it only shows that they really are rude! Ha! And also sexually deprived!)

    it's just a joke.

  20. I do agree that Malaysians can be construed as rude, not rude per se. But I am amazed and baffled to hear it from someone from Singapore, more so, as she is XiaXue as she appeared more the rude kind and apparently unintelligent-type. She resembles the kiasu and kiasi and most of all, ai bin.

  21. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Erm.. BTW, did she refer to Hongkies and Honekongers?! What's Hongkongers?!

  22. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Wah, M'sia blogsphere tai kor wanna whack dog ledi!

  23. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Good one!

  24. Anonymous8:36 pm

    she got a point!

  25. Anonymous9:20 pm

    correct la relatip! correct!!

  26. Everyone knows she is an attention whore. After a couple months of cooling off period where she got little attention, she came up with this stupid post to piss us Malaysians off to get our attention. No matter how rude we are it is NONE of her fucking business. She realises her post will definitely provoke attacks from us and this will only indirectly give her the needed attention.

  27. wingz, our wakil rakyat... GOOD ONE!! *Salute*

  28. That attention seeking wh*re had run out of ideas. She can't write anything positive, so she simply makes fun of others.

    We may not be the nicest people around, but at least we're all nicer that she is.

  29. Anonymous1:00 am

    lurve yr blogs!!!
    wait till she come next time.c the real R U D E

  30. we also joking mah...

    can't take a joke meh...

    so uptight one.... :D

  31. Chey, u no plug 9 me. abuden, I dunno which side I stand wor. LOL. They say KL rude, but I Penang mari, so not my bisnes, I cuma tumpang traffic whoring. Don't forget to visit my blog people. I come from Penang, I no rude, excuse me, thank you, bye-bye, have a nice day, cheers!

  32. Anonymous2:20 am

    couldnt agree more..wingz...spot on..

  33. eggy : where? where is the Daikor??

    cynthia : wuah lidis also u kamtung meh?

    amelia : voice of malaysia?? wuahh u got go wrong blog anot ahh??!!! i dun wanna be voice of malaysia lehh!!! i only blogs bout craps n 18sx stuffs lerr no no voice of malaysia... soli wrong number! lol

    5xmom : kakaka u slow by 2 days liow lol

    ahpek : oi u dye blonde 1st la ... then see she like u anot ok?

    helen : brazil won!!! OLE OLEOLEE!!

    sming : of coz there is rude malaysian ... but i dont think they are rude bcoz they are sexually deprived lor ...

    KY : tenkiuuuuu

    Suanie : you rockz!!!

    SY : wuah dun ler call ppl farking face! she so lenglui ok?!!! see ledi also wanna *Pheeweetttt*

    aceone : chut which tau? Lantau ar ?

    anon : she hasnt met me in USA yet lol

    pisang : poisen letter can eat one anot? if i dont eat i wont kena the poisen rite? lol

    fireangel : WOOHOO!!! FA kam my blog!!! FA come my blog!!!

    The Angel : tenkiuu

    benjamin : I thrid!!!

    craxzygrrl : use disabled toilet kira very courtesy lar in other country!

    jon : agreeEE!!!!! and we r not rude bcoz we lack of sex!!!

    mashimaro : no lar ... i got nothing against her one .. just wanna bring this out into the open n tok bout it only jek lol

    debbie : errr ... thanks

    kay : I also joking only mah .... if u derno then i tell u lor ...my blog is a jokes blog ok?!!

    maverick : erm kambing from that fler wor ... expected ledi ler kekeke

    pelf : maybe her skool no teech her?

    bryan : taikor where? where???

    yotheman : tenkiuuu

    anon : she got more than A point ler ...

    jayelle : relatip tenku vehlee muchi!

    inevitable : I also attensyen whore ler!! lol

    kahwee : diu lar ... from lantau now bcome wakil lakyat ledi ... i jokes blogger oni wei!!!

    moz : kakak u got that right! at least we dont hog disabled toilet hor?! lol

    bellevella : wuah u invite her kam n torutre her kaw kaw izzit?

    suanie : ya la mch they can joke but dont allow other ppl to joke wan ... mch!!! SO RUDE!!!

    5xmom : Plug u plug u plug u!!! 5xmom the best blog in penang, alor setar and hatyai!!!

    anon : tenkiu very much!

  34. Anonymous8:59 am

    Wah.. Another Hot NYP project..

    Wa already noe the NYPians do this LONG Time ago..when NYP was not formed 100% yet *(I am an alumni+delinquent)

    Just that lucky they never say Malaysian are top Fraudsters... cos that's what the banks etc are saying here.

  35. Anonymous9:40 am

    kay: saying that "you're just joking" doesn't necessarily mean it's true. ;P

    anyway, wingz, faster go and ask adidas for free goodies also la.... share share. ;P

  36. Anonymous10:26 am

    Wat I comment in star blog to XiaXue posting and sharing it with u all here...

    Stupid Singapore Sarong Party Gal!!

    I find the posting by XiaXue can only be described as a blantant insult on the people of not only Malaysia but Asians in General. Maybe it is a case of the preoxide dye has finally leached into her brain and she can't do anything more than just spewing forth vile and negative remark towards the very culture on which she was brough up in.

    Her attitude further shows her preference liking to things "western" and the culture of of the "west" towards the culture of the east. For your info, it is the influence of the western world via the media that has resulted in the people of the countries she mentioned above as rude. People like XiaXue herself, who thinks that she is far more superior than ordinary people from all walks of life and her blantant disregard to how things actually are.

    Look and analyse before you condemn. True, we might be rude, but this in part, as mentioned above, is influenced by the media at large that our young people are growing up in. For example, as I travel in the interior of Borneo, the culture of the people there, being not polluted by the western media or the whimsical fancy of bloggers like XiaXue is that they are the most courteous people I've ever met in my entire life and are the most delightful of people. This people are UNEDUCATED! They are also basically living on the fringe of poverty b ut they offer whatever little that they have to ensure that you are comfortable even if you do not insist on it.

    Speaking of not enough sex etc etc etc didn't we once consider chinese traders and such as the most rudest people on earth, their spitting, hawking and unsavoury attitude? Wasn't that the time of polygamy and brothels were licensed and so were opium dens and what happened to Singapore? A backward danky country where the political leaders at the time decided to emulate the western ways and remove such matters..so if discourtesy is to lack of sex, porn and such....then care enlighten me XiaXue, are you prostuting yourself to the every chinese, indian and malay readers here so that we can be more polished and have more social graces? For that seems to be what you are implying, that we should be more sexually active, so perhaps you can offer the services of your body so that we can be more polished and be less rude and less sexually deprived.

    if that is not the case, then, my dear, if you are trying to interest people to read what you write, try not to be so provocative in order to garner interest for your own popularity sake. Such cheap tactics makes you even worse than the roadside transvestite who whore their wares to passerbys.

  37. Anonymous11:50 am

    Wah Wingz, where you learn the sabo skill ah? Keng wor!

  38. Anonymous12:04 pm

    xia xue is a stupid brainless bimbo who is seeking attention and then chicken out and say ..'oh it's jz a joke..." jz to save her already jeopardize reputation.. it's constantly stupid ppl like her that makes us lose our cool and be rude!!

  39. Anonymous1:00 pm

    My god that cheap bimbo just went to see her month old white bf and all of a sudden everything white is good--typical trailer trash.Sigh, unfortunately quite a number of these come to America selling themselves for a free airticket.

  40. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Oi dont insult us pink poodles--Porky Pig there should not be compared to us intelligent, classy , polite species.

  41. i got blonde hair also!!!!!

  42. Bagus bagus,Xiaxue can come to kl teach us how to be polite. The lessons wud include she getting doggy-fuck by thousands of palia dogs we've reserved for her. Hooray!

  43. Anonymous11:14 pm

    woohoo! dowan nia.tht siao kinna might enjoy ( who knows wats in her mind ) sot her with tht torchlight,tied her up then buang her in the middle of road,WATEVEA RAN OVER her..mati pon mak tak kenal! syiok!

    READ and support rojaks EBERIDAY!!

  44. Anonymous1:10 pm

    She's uglier than what she wrote bout malaysian...i rather shag a maggot than touching her..

  45. Anonymous12:55 am

    i'm singaporean too...

    but thanks for shooting down that wide-faced blonde bimbo.

    she needs her ang moh bf to shut her gap with his big dick.

  46. i linked her up in my blog..and i never fail to always find her 'amusing', the way she view life, society, people, things...

    shallow would be an understatement..

    if she's a 'serious' journalist or whatever you can call her current working status...

    then may God be with all illiterate people, with XX out there, there's not much hope..anymore for them...

    don't see why she has to whack countries and races and religions...she's not even in the place to comment on it. what has she done in the first place to display such audacity?

    why can't she whack short people?

    chorus: 'cos she's one!!!

    why can't she whack dumb, blonde people?

    chorus: 'cos she's one!!!

    why can't she whack cheap-poh-nene people?

    chorus: 'cos she's one!!!

    she attacks weaker people with little regards and respect for them. its a pity that she has high readership and that there are people that actually looked up to her.

    what does it say for our future?

    enuff said..may God be with us...


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