14 June 2006

The Best Penholder In The World!

Short post today bcoz i m rushing deadline here, so here is something for you to occupy your mind with courtesy of Cocka-Doodle my all time fav p0rn pusher!

This is a Penholder ..... It look abit Odd but trust me, IT IS a penholder altho you could do different kinda stuffs with it BUT its still a penholder Understand??!!!!

To girls & gays .... dun get all sexcited watching the video ok?

For those who cant see any video interface in this entry, Please click HERE to go to the Video directly.

Enjoy! and dont try this at home please ... unless you wanna get some anal release disease, then u dont blame me!


  1. Anonymous4:01 am

    Oops.. now i know you like to play "septic tank" wan. Nice demo. LOL

  2. Wingz, do u r distributor for this ar?! Hear dat fuking syok sound really potong stim lo..Shout like kena rape

  3. wahh.....make sounds somore. Not something to have in the office! LOL!

  4. from UNSTATISFIED costomer:
    you know befor i use this all my office ladies are very close to me some of them are too damn close fuyioh beh tahan neh..... touchning them they oso dun care....
    but since i got this all the ladies stay away from me... but all the man close to me right now!!!
    wei is this thing curse???

  5. How much per unit?
    Guarantee how many years?

  6. ace : not me la!! its cocka!!

    young : cocka bought alot from the china manufuckturer .. he is officially the sole distributor in msia lol!

    simmie : if your boss is gay ... he might like it wat?

    pisang : diu if u dun like it then u give to winston la! he gerenti will like it one! lol!

    5xmom : can get at RM2 shop, gerenti 2 hours only lol!


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