12 June 2006

Another Ahbeng is Dying Joke!

Wah lau eh .... my jokes so good one meh? i thot i really got talent in this football review thing leh .. but nebermind la you all mia pasal I gibe face! u want jokes izzit? sap sap sui laa... nah I post this short joke let u all warm up first!

Ahbeng and Ahlian is both in their 50s, Ahbeng is diagnosed with critical illness and the doctors is busy researching to work out a cure for him. A few weeks after that a team of doctors found the cure! They called Ahbeng and his wife Ahlian to the hospital to tell them the good news.

Fearing Ahbeng could not take anymore bad news Ahlian went into the meeting alone leaving Ahbeng in the waiting area.

In the meeting :

Doctor : Good news madam! we found the cure to your husband illness!
Ahlian : Wuahhhh I reery happy leh! Faster tell me what is the cure?
Doctor : Ok ... its lidis wan, Ahbeng is very critical liow .... if u dont cure him he will die within 3 days.
Ahlian : Oh no!!! Faster tell me how to cure him!!!
Doctor : Slow down madam, i m getting there!
Ahlian : ok ok
Doctor : Lidis wan ... Ahbeng condition very critical liow, if u want him to keep on living you gotta have sex with him 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Ahlian : 3 times a day??!!!!! You got siow boh??!!!
Doctor : Yar minimum 3 times a day, if can 4 times a day even better, but 3 times a day is enuff liow.
Ahlian : Ok ok I know what to do liow .. tenkiu doc!

*Ahlian then dashed out of the room, and walks today Ahbeng ....*

Ahbeng : So honey, what did the doctor say ar?
Ahlian : He said you are gonna die in 3 days time!


Seriously I would like to direct this question to all females, women, girls (shemale excluded of coz), if you are required to make lafu with your love one for a times a day to prolong his life, would you do it? Tell me what you think in the poll below ok?


  1. Like that stupid question oso got? You think make love is like scrubbing the floor meh? If scrubbing the floor, I don't want la. If open leg only, what's so susah wor? Anyway, all women got 7 (max la, min. maybe 3 days?) days rest in a month mah.

  2. Anonymous1:48 am

    Aiya..dis post for all females, women, girls oni ar?? Liddat tarak vote la.

  3. ah lian: harlow is dis insuran kar?
    insuran: ya
    ahlian: can i upgrade my husban polisi anot?

  4. Anonymous2:48 am

    5xmom, rest 7 days?? why did you think they actually made condoms for??? Just kidding.

  5. The poll only for gals/ladies nia..So i cannot vote lo..

    Wondering wat kind of sickness ah beng had. sick till nearly die but stil can 3times a day..Penyakit Seks Ganjil??

  6. mahai,
    you ask me to poke 3 times a day means, i die better lah. 3 times a week oklah!

  7. Anonymous9:41 am

    Ah Tui,

    Weird weird question!

    SAtock up some Viagra

  8. Anonymous9:42 am

    If no need to work 3 times a day can la. But then hor... sex slave is also a occupation hor.

  9. Anonymous10:53 am

    finally wingz is back to his best!

  10. 3 times a day no problem
    problem is ah beng can or not?
    later die of exhaustion. still die wat.

  11. Finally,u give us some AhBeng story eh. Altho' it's lame but guess u rather had it lame than to have my KKC hor...


  12. Aduiz, AhPek need tongkat ali liao. 3 times a day oso kenot, yum gung lor...

  13. 5xmom : luckyler ur atm!

    aceone : u can vite if u wear dress la lol

    tux : wuah period kambing that time u also sapu ka?

    young : ahbeng sickness is call kukuerectismfailure new disease lei geh lol!

    ahpek : mahai u just lie down there only wor! she will do the rest .... lidat also u knot tahan ka?

    anon : where got weird ler

    hijackqueen : sex slave is the oldest occupation on earth!

    gary : wah lau eh lame jokes lidis also say best har ?

    lmf : ahbeng lie down only wor! lidat also can die of exhaustion meh?

    sotong king : ahpek 3 times kena kalo .. lantau lat pei!


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