12 June 2006

FIFA WORLD CUP - Australia vs Japan

If you havent watch this game yet then listen to me, fast forward to 2nd half 80 minutes and above ... thats where all the action is. Before that its just all craps LOL! ( I m just saying that becoz i dint really watch the whole match hahaha!!! I only manage to catch the last few minutes of the game only)

Blardee hell, lidat also consider goal ka?

Japan managed to to score a goal very early in the game and from what i heard it is quite a controversial one, suppose to be fault but the referee pretend he dint see anything -_-""

Move one side!! one yapunise kambing thru!!!

I think lotsa bargers also give up and thot Japan will win this match ..... but on the 84th minutes into second half this chow angmoh scored 1 goal after anoder and anoder! .... those yapunise alredi run till boh lat liow, all pancit liow how to chase la.

chow angmohs celebrating after scoring their 1st goal

Those yapunise whole week no eat sushi/sashimi ledi dats why no power (German where got sell sushi one la!!!), sommo u got notice anot? Those yapunise legs dem short ok? Those angmoh run 1 step those yapunise hafta chase 2 step. That also means that this bunch of yamateh yapunise has been running twice as much as those chow angmoh ledi la!!

You see you see!!! you see his lansi face!!!

Logically they blardee tired ledi dats why bolat wanna chase at the end of the game. Sommo ... i tell you something la ... yapunise hor .... sibeh confident wan, they see the time alredi 84 minutes they thot they sure win liow .... all wanna save energy for tonite yamateh session to celebrate their victory mana jai those chow angmoh viagra suddenly kick in and so powderfool one eh!

Kanasai, this chow angmoh digging gold while playing football!!!

After the yapunise let their guard down hor the chow angmohs whacked them upside down and inside out like siao! What till those yapiunise also forgot their mother name is what liow. Now all the yapunise kena go harakiri ledi ... or harakanan whichever side they prefer la! Both side also same effect one la no differences.

Anyway, Japan SUCKS!!!! too ignorant ledi ... over lansi ledi .... farking lazy basket!!! make us asian lose face only!!! MCH!!! go home make football hentai better la!!!!!! DIU!!!

This match lotsa people win money you know? street bets ranging from half ball to level game (no handicap given) so even tho its a level game with no handicap is given lotsa peeples will bet on Chow ang moh (Australia) compares to Japan.

Who win who win??!!! faster blanja Teh O ping!!! dun so stingy if not next game knot win har!



  1. Yay!!!!!! I blanja u susu ok?

  2. eh!!
    socceroos suX mannn!!!
    6 yellow cards in a game!

  3. I no watch or care about football la. Only waiting for 3 am to see Fabio nekid butt. *sings Barney song...Just imagine, just imagine*

  4. but still i see some yapun 'kamikaze' the last minit to get some gol....

  5. (Whisper to Lilian) "Sexy hor.. Cannavaro's butt.." LOL!!

  6. Australia deserved to win that game because Japan employed the same "no balls" tactic as useless England did against Paraguay! Well done Aussies!

  7. Anonymous11:03 am

    poor japan, kena hantam the last 10 mins...they really didn't know what hit them...

  8. oh-si! ohsi! ohsi! oy!oy! oy!


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