15 June 2006

Oh No! Not Another Ahbeng is Dying joke!

No! dont worry .... Ahbeng is not dying this time, in fact Ahbeng is already dead when this story started. Ahbeng died in his sleep at the age of 55 leaving Ahlian (his wife) all by herself, Ahlian was pretty strong ... she called the funeral guy to remove Ahbeng's body and called the police station to report Ahbeng's death. She was told by Inspekter Ismail that she needs to put an obituary notice in the local newpaper to inform everybody of Ahbeng's Departure.

So she grabbed her purse and walks out of the house proceeding to the newspaper opis. As she step outta houz she stopped .... she starred at Ahbeng's Toyota Hilux pickup truck for a good half an hour then she got into her car and drive to the newspaper opis.

She was given a form to fill in at the newspaper office and within minits she hand it back to the clerk for processing. The clerk look at the form it says "Chow Ahbeng Died Today" then she said this to Ahlian ;

Clerk : Ahlian, I m so soli to hear about the departure of your husband.
Ahlian : Its ok, I m fine thanks
Clerk : Maybe you should know hor, we charge a minimum of 10 words per advertisement and you only put 5 words here, do you have anything else you wanna add? If not rugi ler might as well put in 10 words right anot ?

Ahlian thot about it for a while, she then take the form back from the Clerk and add some more words onto the Obituary. It only took her merely 20 seconds and she handed the form back to the clerk.

Clerk : Ok Ahlian, just to double confirm ... you sure you wanna put this up?
Ahlian : Yes Im sure.
Clerk : ok I will read it out to you again and you confirm by signing here ok?
Ahlian : Ok
Clerk : This advertisement will reads "Chow Ahbeng Died Today, Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck For Sale."




  1. 2 birds wif 1 stone..ah lian veli clever!

  2. "chow ahbeng die today"
    5 word meh?

  3. now really confirmed already. the football fever really damaged your brain liao!

  4. I don't know about others but this is really farneeeee. ROTFLMAO. Must remember this cost-saving tips.

  5. Anonymous1:43 pm

    "ChowAhBeng Died, Car For Sale, Am Looking For Decent Man."

    Ngam ngam hou!

  6. Ah Pek: His brain aledi damage long time ago by Ah Beng n Ah Lian.

  7. Anonymous3:47 pm

    This ah lian very cleber and kiamsiap also.

  8. I love this!!!!

    You are so intelligent on jokes. Would you consider joining TVB? I'll get you a job....

  9. Anonymous4:35 pm

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  10. Anonymous4:37 pm

    kakakaka... tat Toyota Hailat wan to sell for how much??

  11. wuching : hehe thou shalt not waste!

    pisang : Chow ah Beng Died today - neh 5 words lor

    ahpek : no lar no lar mr brain still working very well ... football no effect on me wan lol

    5xmom : so u will gonna do this next time rite? lol

    bryan : diu so fast looking for kkc ledi meh?

    sotongking : ahbeng n ahlian rawks!

    frostier : mahai i dont get your chinese la can do translation anot?

    hijackqueen : wuah this ahlian where got kiamsiap lar! this is call financial management ler

    maverick : TVB?! YES PLS!! YESH!!! SERIOUS!! YESH!!!

    aceone : If you marry ahlian maybe u will get the Toyota Hailat for free! lol

  12. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Wah, ahlian vely smart! Sure somebody will kao her one!


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