30 June 2006

Another Bully Incident - Malaysia School Not a Safe Place Anymore?

Another Bully incident and this time it happened in Sekolah Menengah Kota Tinggi (that's is what it said in the title of the video) one of these few video were updated since 24th June 2006 and others were uploaded yesterday.

I derno whether its the trend nowadays or its the parents, bullying seems to be the "IN" thing to do lately. Mentally retarded student were also not spared, they punched him in his face, kicked him and throw plastic chairs onto him.

For God sake! he cant even fight back! What da fark are these stupid kids thinking??!! what its in their head? What farking joy do you get from attacking a mentally retarded kid?? You mean you will feel "OH! i m very the pahwerfool" after you beat the crap outa the poor boy? Why dont you try n weck me lidat for a change? I gerenti you that you will definitely end up being more retarded than your victim here in the video!

MAHCHOWHAI! What have your parents been feeding you man! They feed you shit everyday one izzit? Teenagers like this are better dead than alive, they keep on living also waste our oxygen only.

If you did not notice, they are even girls in the classroom watching and enjoying the show as those mofo whack the daylight outta that poor boy. GIRLS GIRLS! what da fark is wrong with you all?? Where is all that girly attitude gone to?

Seriously, I blame this on the parents .... this is exactly how your kids will turn out to be if you dont give a fark about them and let them watch TV as much as they like. These kids are bascially brainless one ... what are doing exactly what they saw on Tv and thinks its ok to do such a thing because they showed it on TV!

If there is anyone from the Media/newspaper is reading this now, please goan expose that group of mofos! Let everyone know that we do not tolerate such behaviour in any school and we certainly do not wanna see our kid being treated lidat in their school!

Make Malaysia School a safe place for our kids to go to! A safe place to learn not having to worry about getting their ass kicked just because they refuse to join some geng!


These are the sick videos I have been telling you about, fast fast watch it for it might be remove by YouTube.com soon!

WARNING : Very graphical .... sickening videos ... if you do not feel comfy watching such videos pls do not proceed!

They seems to be enjoying themself beating the daylight outta that mentally retarded kid.

Sit down and lemme beat the craps outta you! I will hunt you down if you try to run away!

The girls are enjoying the show too!! Throw those chairs at him just like in the wrestling TV show!!!

Infos and video originated from kukujiao.com

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  1. Anonymous1:45 pm

    what a disgrace to our country...thanks for sharing

  2. I baru wrote to the newspaper (as a parent) about how digusted I am. Brader, you so femes liao (hehehe), go write to the papers oso lah. Let the parents make some noise baru can make changes.

    Actually hor, the schools are all at fault 'cos they knew even before the press but they try to cover up and when the press asked, buat dunno and try to give excuse. Bad impressions for the kids, no?

  3. Anonymous3:32 pm

    mahai! Kota Tinggi got so may gangsters in school wan. Manyak teruk man.

  4. Anonymous3:37 pm


    here the fourth part...
    2 fellars beat up one guy for fun and other students watching and lafing beside...

  5. Anonymous3:41 pm

    those gangster kena buang skolah ledi lo!!!

  6. I think parents of those bullies should take greater responsibility than the school itself. Remember, education begins at home, just like charity.

  7. buang sekolah is going easy on them, i am thikin of Henry Gurney School

    then mayb hiring some banglas to rape the 2 who was doing the slapping and smacking ...

  8. Anonymous3:48 pm

    The guy was like a stuntman. Pity him.

    Dude, it's Sekolah Menengah Kota Tinggi. :D Like your comments, harsh but true!

  9. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I wonder where the teacher was, during all this time. Also, how did that guy manage to bring the video camera in?

    Who is in charge of the school? The teachers or the bullys?

    To earl-ku: why hire some "bangla rapists"? Not enough rapists in Malaysia? Your racist remarks is 101% distasteful.

  10. That's SICK!!!!!
    I hope police really catch those students!!!!! sigh.

  11. just told my friend in Metro abt this as well. They might read ur blog and Lilian's too.

  12. eh those bullies really cibeh le.. i feel sorry for the victim... i was once a victim of bullying also..but not this serious le

  13. Anonymous5:18 pm

    they already kena buang skolah! as i read in yesterday newspaper. i think 6 boys 1 gal.

    tgh: that day was canteen day, so all the teachers are busying somewhere else.

    he use phone to record, the vid files are in 3gp format.

  14. the world is no longer a safe place. cliche as it sounds, but it's true

  15. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Perhaps... bullying isn't a recent trend, but merely one that has been given light for other to see. During my time in high school there were gangs and stuff. And one incident led to a massive fight in the middle of the school between two gangs and a lot of people who just want to get in on the melee. The end result was several people being kicked out, one person having his jaw rearranged from being hit by a wooden bookcase project swung at his face.

    The only difference between then and now, is that we didn't have cameraphones to record and send to a a certain Youtube like now.

  16. Are those the future leaders of our country?? I don't wanna have kids then ...

  17. Wondering how they feel, if that is their brother or sister was the one kena beat? Also, the thing that make me sick the most, they recorded like they were shooting a movie and upload that onto the net.
    I wanted to say, family education play an imporatnt too. Look at those kids behaviour, you pretty much can tell, that probablyare how their parents behave too.

  18. Anonymous6:19 pm

    *sigh*.. *sigh*..*sigh*..WTF is the authorities doing? just keep one eye closed?

  19. Anonymous6:24 pm

    some said the victim is not a mentally retarded kid, he is normal...

    those gangsters asked him to joined their 'gang' and he refused to, so kena beaten up like dat...

    this is wat i read from one forum.

  20. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Keen, you do have a point there, abt the difference then and now: camera phone.

    But do you remember girls getting violent like this in the olden days? I sincerely dont't think so. Violence in school is certainly on the rise.

  21. Anonymous7:42 pm

    if these bunch of tried hard ah bengs get arrested, i hope they get cane and their asses open flower...

  22. Anonymous4:59 am

    cant help feeling sorry for tht kid..its shows how ugly our society now,murder and rape case everyday now wat?younger and more hardcore generation being mold?..sad really sad

  23. Niaseng ar! Buang skola onli where got enuff. These kaki bullies give them 3 stokes of rotan baru dia olang syok.

  24. Anonymous8:55 pm

    i am totally against bullying. i dont know whether this idea will work. but im starting a circle in circles99 called anti buli, and people from all over can gather and find friends from the same area. and they will always help each other out. to fight against bullying. not fight bullies. its wrong to fight fire with fire. maybe they'll just get angry or something. to get back their share of respect.


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