11 June 2006

FIFA WORLD CUP - Netherland vs Serbia

I tell you one thing, that Netherland mia coach must have hated his own team alot! You noticed the BRIGHT Orange jersey they are wearing? Have you seen America prison's uniform? OR ... have you seen the Royal London Circus Clown's uniform? Yup, its exactly the same color! EXACTLY!!! see for yourself!

A bunch of clowns in bright orange jersey!

Amadika's Prison uniform, same kaler anot??!!

In this match you can see same kinda style like how we (me n my chilhood frends) used to play during our chilhood. This technic is called "feikei ball" ... feikei ball literally meant "Aeroplane ball" by saying that it actually means the balls is flying around in the field from one to another. There is no accuracy in ball passing nor any skills are required, whenever you got the ball you just kick it as hard as you could to a direction which you think your teamates will be there to pick up after you. Both Serbia and Netherland have master this technic pretty well .... 50% of the time this match were played on Feikei ball technic. There is only one problem .... those technic were meant for amatuer players like us! LOL!

Ok, the referee turn pulak .... I think this referee from Germany got whistle fetish one la ... sikit sikit blow ... sikit sikit blow ... kanneh the game is like watching a spoiled vcd lidat ... *jerk jerk jerk* then sikit sikit kluar Yellow kad .... mahai abit sien lidat right? but nevermind i should you this below pic, this farker fall down and you see his jialat fugly face and remember him!!! if he come mareysia we HOOT kaw him together-gether ok?!!!

According to my bookie, street bets is half (1/2) ball for those who took Holland ... so I guessed lotsa farkers making money lar tonite!

Watching this match is like watching circus also .... lotsa players in bright orange jersey juggling a white ball. if you look from the bird's eye view it looks like a bunch of orens rolling between a bunch of marshmellows WUAHAHAHAHA!!! kanneh this FIFA is beginning to turn out to be a joke liow!

I dont think I wanna watch the Iran and Mexico match also .... dont expect much from them either .... go sleep better!




  1. Anonymous12:25 am

    reserved for portugal game lagi best.

  2. you know ah~ becos of you hor` everytime i look at the football design i always think about "whisper"~ hahahaha aiyoyoy X _ X

  3. ace : sure anot ??!!! dun bruff me hor! If not i ask Winston come chicken rape u!!

    a^ben: diuu u sindiri kinky dunwan admit! blame me pulak kakakaka!!! kanneh u dem kinky ok!!! see football think whisper LOL!!

  4. wei! at least predict what team lose mah?......

  5. Anonymous2:37 am

    What "according to my bookie"? You dun bluff us lah, you the bookie!


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