11 June 2006

FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 First Nil Nil Game

First Nil - Nil draw match of FIFA 2006, Sweden vs Trinidad very adrenalin rushing kinda game and most of the time this game was played in the penalty box of Trinidad but my frend ... this is football ler, if kira how many time u can go into the penalty box then u can win la!

Sweden continously attacked Trinidad and testing their defenses but this is like what we chinese says "can see kenot eat" or "See only no touch" its like a drop dead gorgeous girl undress in front of u but you are not allowed to touch her LOL!

Sweden had been firing blanks all the time in Trinidad penalty box. All attempts screwed by lousy pass and lousy timing, Kinda frustrated watching the match i should say. Make you potong stim only!!!

Somewhere into the second half Trinidad was also slapped with FIFA 2006 1st red card, they played with just 10 baskets and yet so call favourite team Sweden knot break their defenses. 11 against ten also knot win!!!! WADAFARKMAN!!!!! .... European mia football standard is dropping to a new level liow ...

Even tho officially this is a fraw match but if you ask me ... I would say Sweden lost this one ledi ... official news from bookie confirming Sweden minimum also giving half to 1 ball handicap, that means lotsa farkers who bet on Sweden HAILAT LEDI!!!! wuahahahaha!!!!

Did i mentioned that I dont bet one? I did? anyway no harm saying it again right? I dont bet one la! kakakakaka!!!!


Next Match Argentina vs Ivory Coast, according to my bookie Argentina give handicap 1.5 - 2 balls. Looking good!!! 30 minutes to go!

Just a friendly reminder : DONT GAMBLE!



  1. Anonymous4:32 am

    UR bookie lying la. Sweden give 1 3/4, Argentina giving 3/4 only. :P

  2. arggghh!! how can they draw??!!

    Trinidad did put on a good fight though. Bravo to them!

  3. Anonymous10:53 pm

    aiyo, trinidad was quite kan cheong the first few minutes, right?? too bad i couldn't stay awake to watch... ehhehe... went to sleep at 1230am. ;P


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