9 June 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 - Just 10 More Hours to go

With just less than 10 more hours before the official opening of FIFA world cup 2006 everyone is getting very very excited and the anxiety is kinda killing me too!

For the kambing week, there will be alotsa new millionaires, lotsa new bankcruptcy case, Ahlongs is gonna be really really busy, someone's wife will hafta whore herself to repay her husband's soccer debts, some parents will hafta mortgage their house to safe their son from being turn into minced meat by Ahlongs and many many more tragic stories that will be appearing as the by products of this FIFA World Cup 2006.

The picture below at the end of this post is actually a sign, a sign telling all of you not to gamble and throw your life away during this World Cup season.

I know the fler (the one in the pic, not the one holding the pic) hes actually in our line and very famous for his gambling habits. According to what i gathered from our business associates, this fler lost alotsa money lately on football. Yea ... World not even started yet and he alredi pokai ledi!

Apparently hes a Singaporean who married a Malaysian lady and got a kid. His total debt to 13s Ahlongs is RM750,000 excluding the borrowing from his friends and family, (if he have any la) he left his wife n one kid to handle all the Ahlongs while he go Jeokchou to China.

Koh Yap Kwang- Jeokchou-ED ledi!

There is a lesson to be learn here .... dont gamble, dont throw your life away just lidat! You gone thru so much to be here and to give it all up just because of this FIFA World Cup is not worth it! Think of your family! think of you parents! think of how many life you will ruin just because of your irresponsible act, Its just football damnit! Its just not worth it!

Dont pick up that phone! Delete your bookies numbers! Just watch those matches and enjoy it without betting kenot one ka? Mahai I also can! Why you kenot??!!! If your ass is still itchy then go pasar buy Q-cumber la! Alot cheaper and enviromental friendly too!

Watching football matches are suppose to be entertaining, you are not suppose to lose your entire farking life just because you love football ok?

So wake the fark up and dont farking gamble!

This is anoder community message bought to you by Rojaks Daily .. your Mehlehsia Offi-sial FIFA blog!



  1. One!!!!
    Yes, yeh-yeh Wingz, your advice is well heeded. Thank you, grandpa Rojakz. Hahahaha.

    Wei, yr blog getting boring wei. Everyday only World Cup.

  2. Anonymous3:14 pm

    yup..i agree with frostier...bet on foods....one lunch /two dinner, if you lose then like belanja fren lor..if you win then got free meal...somemore no need to pay comission to bookie

    for the sake for world cup....must gamble laa.....4 years once mah...but gamble for fun la.....better if no currency involve lor

  3. Anonymous3:19 pm


    All people in KL also know M.Chong are taiko for all Ah Long, he still seeking his help. And that man holding the paper also so so-hai to become guarantor.

  4. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Pssst, blader we dun bet money then we bet cigarettes, wokeh??

  5. ace make sure you take out real yin ar not you not take out 4 yin(ace) ar...

  6. Bet underwear can ar?
    But Ciggies oso sounds good


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