11 June 2006

FIFA WORLD CUP 2006- England 1 Paraquay 0

Overall, it was a very dull performance by the English team. The strikers,
midfeilders are off form for this game and needed an own goal by Paraguay's
defender Carlos Gamarra in the 4th min to win this game. Shame on you England.

English team celebrating the their 1st goal. (Actually own goal geh)

The game started quite exciting in the first half an hour whereby England are
controlling the game with 53 % possesion. After the 4th min goal, injured
Paraguay keeper Justo Villar was replaced by Aldo Bobadilla. From there on, it
was "Kung Fu Soccer Ledi". There are many tackling, sliding, flying kicks here
and there. No nonsense Mexican referee Marco Rodriquez had a hard time
controlling the game and got some boos from the fans.

Kung Fu soccer !!

Without hesitating, the mexican referee flash the yellow card to Peter Crouch
for protesting. Steven Gerrard oso got one yellow for a simple tackle.
Paraguay's Nelson Valdez got this for tackling Gerrard.

Peter Crouch gets a yellow for protesting.

Since the flow of the game is going no where, England boss, Sven Goran
Ekriksson made two changes bringing in Steward Downing from Middlebrough
to replace unperforming Michael Owen in the 57 mins and Owen Hargreaves
to replace Joe Cole in the 82 mins, hoping to bring up the tempo.

In the last 5 mins, Paraguay players are going all out to level the game but
no luck. Referee blowed the final wistle after adding 2 mins of injuries time.

Duii loh, like that England how to go into the last 16 ?? Under performing !!

Here are the Statistics :-

England Paraguay

53% Ball Possession 47%

13 Shot at Goal 7

6 Corners 1

13 Kung Fu Fouls 13

2 Yellow Card 1

0 Red Card 0


  1. Anonymous1:15 am

    England can pack their bag already!!

  2. may be england see too many nen-nen oledi and they beh tahan in foreign land.....

  3. this reffree ha.... mahai betul la
    how that fler see that yellow card
    if that reffree raise so high wan.. sohai betul..

  4. STATISTICS...cont'd


    England-11 cartons Beers Drank After Match
    Paraguay- can't afford to drink. (smoke pakalolo instead)

    England-20 gurls got screwed by team mates at victory parties..
    Paraguay-Too high on 'grass' to screw any.



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