19 June 2006

FIFA WORLD CUP 2006- Brazil 2 Australia 0

Brazil comfirmed their place in the round of 16 after demolishing
Australia 2-0 in Munich on early Sunday. It was scoreless in the
first half. In the second half, Brazilian Ronaldo brilliant squared
to Adriano to score from 18 yards in the 4th mins. Super sub
Fred sealed the game for the Australian in the 90th mins from
a cannon from post and he easily tapped the loose ball home.

Adriano left footer 1st goal for the Brazilian.

Adriano celebrate his goal

In the 86th mins, Australian John Aloisi meets a long clearance and
heads on for Mark Viduka. Racing into the area, the Middlesbrough
man chip the ball over the advancing keeper Dida but it come down
on the roof of the net and not in it. This was the only chance for the
Aussies to equalised.

Ronaldo dribbling two Australian player

It was not a vintage display, but the Brazilian had done just enough
to win while Australia were left needing to secure only a draw against
the Croatia to join them in the last 16 in Group F. A happy ending for
the Brazilian and sad for the Australian.

The Brazilian chicks says See you in round 2.

The Statistics :-

Brazil Australia

53% Possession 47%

16 Shots 14

7 Corners 4

9 Fouls 25

3 Yellow card 2

0 Red card 0


  1. Anonymous3:22 am

    Tenkiu, now I know where Gerogia is....you crack me up man. The game is much closer than the score, Australia looks good man, but Brazil rocks.

  2. woi, replied your email already abt the hotel...

  3. Anonymous11:03 am

    after so many matches, how much you won aredi?

  4. i hope fully australia lose and japan go to 2nd round....


  5. hey, did you see that aussie tried to play physically again? they even tried to to hurt the Brazil footballer.Ouch!!! Aussie better dun win!!! =)


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