20 June 2006

Its a Rojaks Life - Malaysia's Ricky Martin

Have you ever had this kinda experience before?

click on the above image for a larger version

Hahahaha!!! How? Malaysia RicKee MahTing hansem anot??!!!



  1. Anonymous2:05 am

    Wakakakaka... tot it's you , lol

  2. stupit ah lians... they think ricky martin go to cheap clinic kar?

  3. i want to add some more our chinese name can put to wierd name like surname SOO can put soo pher man sound like superman
    and surname LAI can put lai ern king sound like lion king... keng izzit....

  4. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Mr Chee is your boss and when he left the office after work, what did you say to him?

    "Mr Chee, bye!"


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