4 June 2006

Malaysia - Man at Work

This is one of the many classic questions,

How many JKR workers it takes to re-surface a small section of the road?

See for yourself ler ....... I hope you can count ....

Maleysiah Bull-eh!!! When toll charges gonna increase ar ??



  1. Anonymous6:52 am

    Eh Wingz, I'm glad you highlighted the excellent code of operations we practice in our department. Without implementing these, I doubt that our wonderful country could actually have attained the prestigious development it has at the moment.

  2. Majibet..there goes my tax monies!!

  3. as someone who used to work for jkr b4, i can second that!

  4. but from wat i saw or experienced, the efficiency in KL is much more than in Penang.

    It took only 6 months to build a flyover in KL, but in Penang it took almost 6 years to build one DAMN flyover.

    Is it because all our Menteri-menteri are in KL, so they dunt see the progression in PG?

    *it cause huge traffic jams for 6 Years at that area in PG*

  5. Anonymous9:52 pm

    biasa lah, that is why we are a develop BUT developing SLOWLY coutry. If you guys ever been into LOCAL UNIVERSITIES, i am sure you will get SICK! It is the G we choose, so vote smart!

  6. JKR some say 'jangan kerje rajin' but my term is 'jangan kreje ramai'
    talk about tax... a sause say 80% tax-payer is non-malay... mahai u see la the country they dominan, the tax oso they dominan in no pay..
    christal loh said that flyover take 6 years to finish. well if any one who travel klang-banting road they will know it take more than 10 years to finish...

  7. I'm in a local university.. *sobs* *cries* hahaha! haiya, this topic is so overdebated it's not even worth mentioning anymore. It's like saying a dog has four legs. malaysian government is inefficient.

  8. Everybody, don't worry, be happy! That means taking your own sweet time lah! :P

  9. If not like dat, u say how high will be our UN-EMPLOYMENT rate? if 1 ppl work, he might get bribe, so mus have more ppl so cant bribe easily. (means mus hire more ppl to supervise each other)

  10. Anonymous3:15 pm

    one engineer - to ensure they put in the correct amount
    one supervisor - to make sure they guy is working
    one assistant supervisor - to keep an eye on the working man on behalf of the supervisor
    one surveyor - to make sure the guy put the stuff in properly
    the consultant - moral support


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