29 June 2006

Ah Beng and Lily Confessed

Ah Beng and his girlfren, Lily (No, not Ah Lian.. :P) had been dating for quite some time and their relationship was getting serious. Err.. they r those couple who don't make love till they get married one. So hor.. Ah Beng mah proposed lor..

Lily was so happy and accepted Ah Beng's proposal but she had a problem. So she told Ah Beng, "Beng Beng ah.. before we get married hor.. i wan u to know hor.. my nengkupok actually very small 1 u know.. like BB (not Beng Beng but baby ok?) 1.. "

After hearing that, Ah Beng told Lily.. "Lily honey ar.. I lebiu so your nengkupok wat size oso doesnt matter.. I oso wanna let u know one thing.. my kukuciao size oso like BB 1.. "

Lily then also told Ah Beng that she loves him and size does not matter.

Few months passed. Their wedding went well and on THAT NIGHT, that 2 happy fella checked into the honeymoon suite at a resort hotel. Lily was in the bathroom putting on her sexy nightie while Ah Beng waited excitedly on the bed. As she entered the bedroom, Ah Beng was so beh tahan that he quickly pull her towards him n took off her nightgown. True enough, her breasts were the smallest that he had ever seen!! But he still got very sexcited and took off his pants.

Upon seeing his kkc, Lily told her husband.. "Lou kung.. i tot u said ur kkc like BB geh.."

Ah Beng looked at his kkc and said.. "Not like BB meh.. it's 9 POUNDS and 21 INCHES long worrrr.. "



  1. You are really ... funny!!!! Please lah, go to Hongkong TVB or Goldern Harvest...they are waiting for your script. Chow Yun Fatt is also waiting.

  2. Anonymous11:23 pm

    This post if from CrazyGrr| lah. Kudos!

  3. waa...walking around with a prick liddat can command the attention of more voluptuous girls.

  4. Anonymous12:11 am

    wahlau, terror la you tell story!

  5. And the winner for the Rojakz's funniest contributor goes to......

    *everyone clap please*

  6. Oh..Rupanya, bb size is that measurement. OK la..Now I know..

    CrazyGrrl: U r da great la..Like that aso can think of

  7. Anonymous9:31 am

    9 POUNDS!!!????? you really is crazy lah girl.

  8. Anonymous10:09 am

    Dem! I've not heard those word 'nengkupok' for ages!

  9. After marrying this guy, I bet Lily will have no trouble delivering 9lbs BB.... easily.

  10. hei kennysia got a gift from adidas from his adidas post. i take my hat off to you since u mentioned it first in ur post. sharp observation!!

    btw, did u also get a gift from adidas?

  11. Anonymous9:39 pm

    see fei, you are rubbing salt into Wingz wound lah. He damn tulan now. Kkeke...

  12. Anonymous11:07 pm

    wah..boy boy can shoot so high!!

  13. Yawor, Wingz, why you no get gifts like Kennysia jek? *bring on cili padi, vinegar and more salt* LOL

  14. Anonymous5:35 pm


  15. wah..NengKuPok sounds so hakka-ish.Lol..Long time no hear this word-la


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