4 June 2006

Wingz Can Cook - Pocket Fish Fillet

During a gathering a few days ago ....

KW : why lately u tarak blog bout cooking ledi?
Me : err ... if i blog too much bout cooking hor .... later ppl thot i farking sissy how? I farking macho man leh!
Linpeh & Cocka : kih kih kih

Sunday afternoon in YM ....

Linpeh : What u doing now ?
Me : now chatting with u lar! later gonna cook lunch ledi
Linpeh : Cook what ?
Me : Pocket Fish
Linpeh what is that ?
Me : later i blog bout it then u go read la!

Today wingz is gonna teach u how to make Pocket Fish fillet. Ah? u derno wtf is pocket fish fillet? No! its not same with your Spring pocket or Spring bag ok?!

Pocket Fish fillet is actually Bake Fish fillet in aluminium foil la! today parents n siblings is kambing over for lunch so i gotta come out with something easy n tasty!

As my oldman baru after triple by-pass this meal gotta be healthy with minimum fats and knot contain any not-so-healthy substances also, so i came out with this Pocket Fish fillet. This is kinda like own made recipe and it turn out quite ok!

ok lets get down to business .... Girls! aunties! ah shams! everyone get your pen ready ok? i m gonna tell u the ingredients.

Ingredients :
  1. Dory fish fillets (this one can get from hypermarkets)
  2. Spring onions (chopped)
  3. 9 choy ( I derno wtf this is called in yingrish la lol!)
  4. Chinese spinach (yin choy, bayam)
  5. Garlic (finely chopped)
  6. Onions (big one)
  7. Herbs (Oregano & Basil - this one can get from hypermarket also)
  8. Olive oil (Extra Virgin - this one Linpeh's Favourite kinda lubricant)
  9. Black pepper
  10. Fish Sauce (this one can get in hypermarkets also)
  11. Salt (tiny lil bit only bcoz fish sos also salty enuff ledi)
  12. Aluminium foil (lotsa it)
You noticed i didnt put portion here rite? Well i dont measure my stuffs by weight one, when i cook its pretty much based on my *feel* rather than base on measurement. The only time i will follow measurement if I m baking. So i think it would be safe if i say everything is "To your taste!"

Method :
  1. Defrost fish, leave to dry ... not in sun la! u think making salted fish meh?! leave to dry lar! if u like me not enuff time wan then use kitchen napkin to bolt it dry. Dont use toilet tisu lar farker! toilet tisu will leave residue on your fillet wan lar diu!
  2. Marinate your fillets, put into a pan a good amount of olive oil, fish sauce, generous amount of Oregano and a lil bit of basil (dun put also nvm depends on your taste also la, some ppl dun like basil one) and black pepper. (I used to add lemon juice last time but today no lemon in fridge) then put all your fillet in the pan and roll roll roll until everyone of the fillet are covered with the sauce u just made.
  3. Take out your aluminium foil, cut one sheet about 2 feet x 2 feet. Fold in the side (about quater of an inch) so all 4 sides of the aluminium foil would be thicker, this would help when u wanna turn the foil into a pocket later.
  4. Place your marinated fillet onto the aluminium foil (refer to one of the pics below)
  5. Springkle your finely chopped garlic, onions, spring onions, 9 choy and chinese spinach (how much to put is according to how much you would like to eat lor)
  6. Springkle some olive oil on the chinese spinach before you close the foil, if not the spinach will turn yellowish if they are overcooked.
  7. Wrap it up by folding it into half and then fold all the sides to form a pillow like kinda pocket. How to fold? diu! look at the pics below lar!
  8. Preheat your oven at 250°C for 10 minutes then baked at 250°C for 30-35 minutes.
I made 7 Pockets, Preparation time bout half an hour then terus bake liow.... lunch for 7 paxs complete with fillet and veges, no messy oily cooking. Easy and convinient, feel free to try ok?

1 more thing, do you think guys who cook is sissy or macho ar ? *winks*

Dory fish fillet being marinate

Spring onions and 9 choy

Minced garlic and Onions

McCormick's Oregano and Basil

Chinese spinach

Place marinated fillet on aluminium foil

Place minced garlic, spring onions, onions on top of the marinated fillet.

Add in 9 choy also

Throw in generous amount of chinese spinach

Fold the aluminium foil up into a shape of a pocket.

This is the shape after you complete all the folding

some of the completed Pocket Fish Fillet

Soli, no pikture of the cooked fillet, bcoz after cook everyone dem hungry ledi ... suma busy eating only no one wanna take pics lol!

There you have it! Rojaks Pocket Fish Fillet! An awesome and easy to prepare meal suitable for all occasion!

Anoder healthy meal bought to you by Rojaks Daily and its hansem paria chef! :P



  1. rojaks' hansem paria chef is so *cough* macho *cough*

  2. Anonymous3:58 am

    Wingz is the best and the most handsome chef in the world! I get orgasmic whenever I see 'Wingz can cook' in the heading!

  3. Anonymous7:21 am

    auntie wingz, thank you for the resipi! can replace spinach with lady fingers anot?

  4. wuah! damn nice fish! i can taste it from here!

  5. Anonymous9:48 am

    wah...wingz can cook....just like "Yan can cook" a TV program in the US.

    9 choy, I think is called chinese chives.

  6. Anonymous10:06 am

    eh Wingz my boss, walau eh...can be a world class chef already oh. when u open a restaurant ah? i be one of the first to ask protection money ah?

  7. Anonymous11:07 am

    wah, luckily got pikcher ah, if not i oso kenot understand u ngap wat, LOL

  8. i think he over cook that fish la... thats why he dun wan take the finishing piktures wan......
    any way he use olive oil that a good wan

  9. Anonymous12:49 pm

    I think girls will say you macho, guys will say you sissy. So, you are both macho and sissy at the same time! LoL...

    By the way, I kinda agree with pisang. Haha.

  10. crazygrrl: need to cough so many times meh?!! ok lar nx time i dunwan post cooking entry ledi la

    hansem ahbeng : ok its confirmed that ur definitely very the gay

    may : can can u can get lady fingers in bakery shop too! make sure u crush then before you put them in :P

    wuching : i dem sure u like fish wan ... bcoz from ur name sounds like kuching lidat lol!

    tux : Wingz how to fight with Yan la? Wingz mia cooking auta wan lol main tembak only!

    gary : if i open restoren then sure chap lap one la

    anon : so bad meh? soli lar my yingrish no good!

    pisang : if u baking it how susah mau overcook one la... it will only overcook if u steaming it ler

  11. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Wah.. I kambing to taste tat pocket fish. Looks good and yummy.!!

  12. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Wei Wingz, maybe tat wan your wife cook wan, you oni help bungkus the pocket fish oni !! LOL

  13. u sure u cooked those or ur daughter cooks for ya ;)

  14. Anonymous1:42 pm

    9 choy = chives

    My satellite view tells me that 99 ah sahms in the audience got multiple-O and terus fainted due to the macho chef.

  15. aiks, that was me *points up*

  16. wah... wingz can cook wan ar??... the fish looks yummy.. make me hungry nia... i so want to try it...

    i'll try that recipe of urs soon... hehehe...

    guys who can cook are guy, mucho dunt seems to be the word to describe but.. u're maN!!!.. looking forward for my wingz the cHef...

  17. Wah, man of many talents worr!
    So now everybody baking izit?
    *faster go buy baking book*

  18. Anonymous10:48 pm

    girls damn shiok 9 guys that can cook wan... thats y i learning to cook oso oh =P

  19. aceone : mch! u lidat say me meh?!! i make one leh!!!

    inevitable : haha soli i only got 1 son no doter la

    5xmom : sijehhhh lu mana pigik liow?

    christal : ya la if u grow up in a poor family hor ... u automatically can cook one. Thats bcoz no one got time to cook for u, either u cook for urself or u starve to death!

    plink : eh i m not into baking liow!!! come i sell u all my baking books!

    anon: we get gf/wife also bcoz we wish they would cook for u right? u goan learn cooking for wat leh?

  20. Anonymous9:33 pm

    that one to impress them 1st then u tackle lah....tackle adee sit down and shake balls only loh


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