10 June 2006

FIFA World Cup - England Sau Pei Larrr!!!!

World Cup is kinda like a big dissapointment so far .... the worst being England vs Paraguay... kanneh really suey one la!

I tell you .... that Paraguay Kaiptan who farkED-up is officially dead! He is so dead he could order his own coffin now. Come to think of it, he would even qualify for early bird discount if he preorder it before he needs it!

The whole game is like watching circus lidat, the ball fly up and down .... and up and down .... it Paraguay kapitan dint help them, I think England also knot score!! England players all blardee lazy ... run also like pondan mahai!!! waste my electricity watch that match!!!

No no no .... I m not toking bout this pair of balls

With street bet ranging from 1/2 ball advantage, 3/4 ball advantage and 1 ball handicap I foresee this match not much ppl got make money also.

This match is a big dissapointment ler, but also expected lar .... those star players will not risk their career for their country one .... I see that blardee Maxicana Referee also dem 9 side Paraguay, maybe he also bet on Paraguay with 1 ball handicap kot?

I really dun have much to say on this match except .... MAHAI I hate it when they make me watch pondan play football!!!! DIU!!! I think kindergarden kids can play better than this ....

Next one Sweden vs Trinidad .... the results are alredi pretty clear .. street bets those who is betting on Trinidad will get 1.75 balls handicap. So ... if Sweden do not score more than 2 goals then lotsa people are FarkED!!! Wuahahahaha!!! did i told u guys that I dont bet? No? well I dont bet! :P



  1. you know what.... Englan ppls very pin thua wan... thans why they always lose..


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