22 June 2006

Kuala Lumpur - Third Rudest City in the world

Malaysia Bull-eh!!! Anoder World Record by fler Malaysians.

There is an article bout this in the New Straits Time yesday talking about how KL are ranked 3rd rudest city in the world and I totally agree with that! LINK

Rude cities: KL ranks third
21 Jun 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: It wouldn’t surprise anyone who drives, parks, shops or uses public transport here, but Malaysia’s capital city has emerged the third-worst in the world for sheer rudeness.

Only Bucharest and Mumbai are worse when it comes to common courtesy, a Reader’s Digest survey of 35 of the world’s capitals has found.

Asian cities generally fared poorly in these rankings, eight of nine of them in the bottom 11, raising the notion that what is considered courtesy in the West — holding doors, helping strangers, service with a smile — is culturally alien in Asia.

But what they dont know is KL is also the only city with the highest number of Millionaires per square meter! Everyone seems to own a piece of road themself, because its their road and they own it, they can drive anyway they wanted. It doesnt matter they are on the wrong side of the road nor does it matter if they are endangering the life of other road users ... its their road and they can drive anyway they like! If you dont like that, then goan buy your own road ok?!

Today I was on my way to Carrefour Sri Endah when suddenly this millionaire in his Marsilee (whois on the wrong side of the traffic) charged towards me knowing I would let him pass .... he knew I would step on my brakes and let him have his way bcoz I m pretty dem sure he is the millionaire who bought this road (judging from the way he drives)

So, the next time someone ask you why Malaysian so rude, you tell them because most of the rude peeple were Millionaires!




  1. Anonymous5:41 am


    Aiya, you should change your lifestyle lah!

  2. u duno wat luck lo..at least once a week i use that road to go lunch aso nvr see this kind of 'ur father buy this road ard ar'.. But biasala, who ask him drive masili.

    But u can langgar him and blackmail 9him ma. He at wrong side, no scare 1.

  3. Anonymous8:44 am

    if i got millions, i oso can be rude what. hahhahaaaa.. nei chui meh?

  4. Anonymous9:20 am

    FACT is the FACT, the media put up alot of ppl and comment againts it; shitty media just want to cover everything. Taking a few locals and mat salleh and say..... no no. that is not true......BS! We got to live with the truth.

  5. Anonymous10:26 am

    5th!!!!!!!!!!! *&^#%$

    Next time give him the centre finger la. hahahaa...

  6. See these kinda of people oso make me geram!!!

  7. me oso simmie ... me oso geram
    if i got monster truck i canaikan that car....

    wingz next time you saw this hapen again put thier numberplate in here so we can all spread the news to whole nation and world...

  8. wan lan eh.... if me sure i charge towards him and make a loud honk....

    make him jatuh muka...

  9. Aiyaa...gua sudah immume sama ini celaka la.
    Eaach day dunno encounter how many liao,bosan!
    But nevermind la,if u cant stop them from doin,why not just follow...

  10. Anonymous12:27 pm

    That's why I want to apply for license to kill and build a car with flame thrower, rockets etc. So i destory all mofos on the road.

  11. bryan : change lifestyle means buy a marsili?

    youngbrat: u also living around there also meh?

    ahpek : mahai! if u got millions pls tell me ... i try to stay far far away from u

    anon : gomen mah ... u no i no la

    hijackqueen : i got go skool one la! i dun give middle finger to ppl wan

    simmie : u doint have to face them everyday what ?

    pisang : wuah cool down man ... cool down!

  12. kahwee: wuah his car marsili wor! mahai if langgar ledi dem expensive to fix u know!

    sotongking : yea.. its like a daily affair liow to me ... our trehpik polisi is just too effective to handle this issue. Sigh

    chapree : good idea wei! your flame thrower need co-pilot anot?

  13. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Haha, everyone can deny all they like, but the fact that Malaysians are rude still stands :P Love that picture.


  14. normally any muther that is on the wrong side of the road, masilli or not, i wont move. i'll just built up a long traffic jam until he moves his car. i tarak give face to all this tiu nia mah ppl wan. nobody should. scum like this should eat cum.

  15. Ducky: Ru trying to tell us tat girls tat eat cum is scum?

    my gawd!

    Frostier: Diuz,u bcome million hair got la...hahaha...

  16. ah yor sotongking, dont quote me like that ma, afterwards chicks think i think they all scum then i got no more chicks only ducks.

  17. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Yup, change lifestyle and buy marsili hit 9 that hamkahlink!

  18. I think blogger.com should do a similar survey also.

    and I think that Rojaks will rank top of the rudest blogger in the world.

    and Mr. Wingz would shout...

  19. That is what we call kopi o license!!

  20. fuck the marsilly la
    drive infront of him n block kao his road, he fuck u then u fuck him back harder, send all the bangla n indon worker rape his asshole!
    then he tak shiok u send elephant rape his backside once more!
    if i have millions i stay low profile lo.

  21. pisang: isit? Me...I just feel like throwing bricks at them! LOL!

  22. Anonymous11:44 pm

    we all very rood... rude, i mean. ehehehe. why so ngam xes.cx also got this post today. hope no one accuses anyone of plagiarism. hehehe ;P

  23. anon :thanks for your love of that pikture lol yea we got too many millionaires on the street these days

    ducky : wah lau eh, if i do that then ppl will thot its my fault hauling up traffic wor

    frostier : mch!!! be more considerate!!!

    bryan : u gonna buy me a new marsili izzit ?

    alex : wuah brader I where got rude?!!!!

    lp: no lar that is what we call millionaires lisen!!

    estacy : might as well throw malakov cocktail on his car n set it a blaze?

    simmie : thats what u learnt in minisoda??!!! groovy!

    bimbobum : aiks!!! how u know i copy n paste wannn??!!!! lol

  24. Rojakz...if its your right of way, go forth and insist on your right!
    I do that all the time. Show them your middle finger and honk at them. These mother effers have no road manners.

  25. Wingz, I stay in serdang but work in TPM,bukit jalil ma..

    Nearly evyday, outside TPM trafik light got all tis farker duno 'Merah = Berhenti'.

    I ride bike 1 ma, so i'll be at the front line. When its my turn to start moving and got this bloody farker, I'll honk till they all ~!@##$%^$# me back.

  26. i heard that wingz mention this place that our friendly rakan cop name..
    paul-liz oso sked to give them saman... that why that mad-cer-dis drver dun sked at them....

    wingz i think you should send that piktures to bukit aman..... if dun work send to BPR.....


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