2 June 2006

06:06:06 am 6th June 2006 translates to or

This post is speselly dedicated to those bored no-life farkers with nuthin better to do than to chase after what what 01:02.03 4th days 5th months 2006. A few days later we will have this 06:06:06am 06/06/06 for u to chase again, which happens only once every farking thousand years! (As if there is anything really spesel bout that moment, like i m gonna kena lottery lidat) Maybe for satans/devils worshipper is does represents something significant meaning but to me its just anoder sohai day.

So to those losers who love this kinda sohai stuffs make sure u set your alarm clock to wake up at 6 hours 6 minutes and 6 seconds on the 6th days of 6th month year 2006 to get a glimpse of yourself or take a picture of yourself OR to bluff a chick saying how lohmantik u were to send her a sms or a message thru MSN or ICQ or Yahoo. If you are single you might wanna start tfk on that moment of time so u could forever remembered that on the 06:06:06-06/06/06 you TFK-ED!

Those who are married maybe you wanna start hooting your other half on that moment itself ... who knows you might give birth to a devil or satan kakakaka!!!

Maybe you can try to be creative yourself and come out with your own way to remember this moment by. May i suggest running naked around the neighbourhood pretending to be The Olang Minyak or stand naked in front of your neighbour's front door and ring their door bell at 6 in the morning! OR throw your own prepacked shit (pack in a plastic bag the nite before) at the house of your most hated enemy LMAO! Be creative lar you know? anything goes just as long as u stayed the hell away from me n my house OK?!!!

Anyway, Happy to all you farking LOSERS!!! I seriously do not see any kick will be kambing outta that moment so I will be sleeping very soundly at that moment itself and dont farking bother me can???!!!



  1. Triple 6s translaltes as traditiobal Satan; five 6s I guess translates into the BIG one, SATAN, as we find roaming a lot along hillsides developers' offices, especially in Selangor.:(
    That xplains w'ile me and mGf never travel to the vicinity of ZOO-view neighbourhood as all the spoecies there are mirroed by "many" 2-legged ones at RumahParliamen.:(

  2. i will just tfk from

    and die from exhaustion - i will then reborn as the fucking satan! will tiu kau ur brains out ...


  3. Anonymous4:24 pm

    yay. the omen is coming!

  4. desirata : wuah u also know those setans n devils roaming around zoo negara one ka? those are kepala setan u know? dem powderfool wan! lol!

    earl-ku : mch what tongkat ali u take can last a few years wan? lol!

    chloe : what omen??

  5. 6 6 06 is me birthday

  6. boss stewie : fark u lar! u kambek boi? come out yum char!

  7. Mahai..I read this till I LOL for wat u r suggesting for those ppl to do during that moment..

    Stewie, its ur b-day ar..Then we can do something for u to make it more memorable.

  8. Youngbrat : like what? what about we stuff your shit up boss stewie ass? hows that?!!! lol!!!

  9. I know one more thing to do. Go up 6,666 above sea levels at Gunung Brinchang and stand naked for six hours until mati pucuk. I got photo of the 6,666 sign on my blog. Visit my blog. My blog is best. My blog URL is http://chanlilian.net. Don't forget to visit my blog.

    Eh, si heng, can blog whore here hor?

  10. if miss this wan dun worry wan
    the next 6 years that date fall in same time oso.

  11. Anonymous6:28 am

    see its weird that people think its the end of the world because 666 is the number of the beast! oooo scary! If there was a reason a major attack would happen on this is because people will be reading these sites about 6th June 2006 and say 'Hey lets make a big huge explosion cause its the day of the beast so we will scare everyone!' Nothis is gonig to happen at all apart from good death metal concerts and the omen being released XD

  12. wingz, pls la. Dun make fun of the number 666 ok. it has lotsa meanings one... And of coz, if u offended those who worship Lucifer then no good la.. I also not happy d...


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