13 June 2006

Ahbeng The Interpreter for British Army

Somewhere between the end of communist era in Malaya and British came back to power, a battalion of British soldiers headed by General Lobert moved deep into the jungle in search of all the gold the communist took during their rule on Malaya.

Bcoz most of the communist were chinese, Ahbeng was hired as the Interpreter to the British army aiding in the recovery of the hidden stash of gold.

2 weeks in the Malaya jungle, a squad of British soldiers captured one of the communist Kapitan call Lowmei. The British army took Lowmei back to their camp with the intention of forcing him to tell them where did the communist hide all the gold ledi.

Gen Lobert : Ahbeng! ask him to tell us where he hid the gold or I will get his legs chopped off!

Ahbeng : Hui tung lei kong hor .... lei faitit kong pei ngo dei jee lei peng jee tit gum hai bin dou! yee ko erm mai hui jau jam lei keh kiok lok lei! *this is in canto one lar!*

Lowmei : Ngo sei dou erm kong ger la! Lei geh sei jau 9!!!
*Translation : I die also i wont tell you wan!!!! you die run dog!

Ahbeng : Boss! he say he die-die also wont tell wan!

Gen Lobert : You tell him we will chop off his hands too!

Ahbeng : Lowmei, lei kor sei gwai lou kong yee kour lei mm kong bei ngo dei teng lei peng jor tim gum hai bindou, hui yiu jam lei tui sau lok lei.

Lowmei : Jam la! jam la! Lam jee hon dai jiong foo! ngo sei dou erm kong ger la!
*Translation : chop la! chop la! i m macho man! no sked pain wan! I die also wont tell !!!

Ahbeng : Boss! he still die-die dun wanna tell la.. how ?

Gen Lobert : Ok you tell him final warning! if he dun wanna tell then we will rape his dog and burn his house!

Ahbeng : Lowmei, li kor sei gwai lou kong yee kor lei erm hap jok ger wah .... hui dei yiu kiong kan lei jek 9 tung mai siu lei geh ork kei, man lei pah mei?!

Lowmei : Mouuu ahh!!! mou kiong kan ngo jek 9 arr!!! ngo kong lar! ngo kong lar! kor tit gum ngo peng jee hai hau shan kor dou! yau mark "X" geh! lei dei mou kingkan ngo geh 9 ar!!!
*Translation : NOO!!! not my dog!!! i tell!! i tell!! those gold we hide in the back of this hill, there is a spot mark "X" at the back of this hill. Its under the mark. pulez dont rape my dog!!!

Gen Lobert : He said so many things, what he saying?

Ahbeng : Boss, he said he dun care how you torture him or burn his house or rape his dog also he dun tell you one ... he rather die together-gether with his dog wor!



  1. Anonymous1:46 pm

    This time, ah beng is ham kar chan!!!

  2. ah beng sapu all the gold leh
    ha ha ha he damn genius....

  3. Anonymous2:23 pm

    wuahahaha.. AhBeng be "chau kau" ledi,lol

  4. Ah Beng = Low Mei lo...

    But then y cannot rape the dog le??mm tung lowmei tung jek 9 yau kwan tai?

  5. this time ah beng so smart gehhhhhhhhhh.. LOL

  6. ah beng not stupid wan!

  7. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Gen Lobert :
    You think I'm stupid a. I actually want to test your loyalty and you really betray me.

    Then Gen Lobert rapped Ah beng's dog instead. Ah beng was so sad that he got mental broke down and committed suicide.

    Morale of the story:
    Don't cheat a guy who will rap your dog.

  8. Ooooh! So that's how Ah beng became a Millionaire. ;-)


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