1 June 2006

2 Memes 1 Post .... Yea I m that bored

This one Patrick tag me wan ... toking bout perfect lover wan wor ... kanneh want me die izzit? my bini got read my blog one u know?! put me on table lar lidat!!

Anyway i m dem sien today and in no mood to crack jokes so i thot sei jau sei la! let your horse kam!

The Game - The Perfect Lover
  • 1. The tagged victim have to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
  • 2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
  • 3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
  • 4. If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.
  • 5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.
Here goes!
  1. Girls, teenagers, aunties, lesbo suma I ngam! No shemale pulez! "Chicks with dick" also dunwan!
  2. Must be rich!!! so I dont have to work! my resposibility only to service her at nite only. During the day I will only sleep, go shopping, kau other luis, eat, watch tv and sleep sommo.
  3. Ugly also nemind! but preferably not so ugly la ... even I also got limit geh ... if too ugly then i kena serbis her in total darkness la!
  4. Must luff at my jokes no matter how lame and unfunny they are! Also must komen in every freaking one of my post here wan!!! If she missed one day then I skip 1 serbis!
  5. She dun lafu me also nemind as long as u buys me toys n gadgets and gimme lot n lotsa money n gimme my own platinum no limit credit card also!
  6. No mader in Law pulez! ... you know lar i so Hansem ... later her mader fall in lafu with me ledi then i rugi sial!!! 2 women to serbis for the price of 1 !!!! KNOT KNOT!!!
  7. Adventurous ... I always wanna try threesome and mass orgy, so she kena be able to accept all that lor ... if not NO DIU! ops ... i mean NO DEAL!
  8. Sexciting - must be willing to play master and slave with me ... I m the master of coz! must be willing to be tied up and whipped and dripped wax upon and cuffed and anal-ysis and ... and ... ok ok i stop pls dont run away!!! kambek and continue reading!!! LOL!


This tag is by AhMay the sync baker :P mama~miah!

She gave me the letter H (bcoz i m Hansem, yea she can testicle testify to that bcoz she met me a kapel of times ledi) and I am to take this letter and write 10 words that begin with it.

  1. Hamsap is what peeples labelled me as .... but not only they are dreadfooly wrong but also they are gonna be very the dissapointed to know that I m definitely not a hamsap material. I m Hou Kau Lan 7 Hamsap!!!!
  2. HamHai is what i called those flers who always go char kuat and kiu kai wan!
  3. HamKahLink is the fler who created this brilliant meme, becoz he thot by doing this meme he can get the author to reveal more about himself and boy I m gonna prove that Hamkahlink is so wrong!
  4. HarmChat or Kamlan in Hokkien is an act where you put a male's sexual organ into your mouth. No, it doesnt matter whether you are a male or female its still call Harmchat!
  5. HamKahFooKwai is the greetings you should say to those who visited your house during the Chinese New Year, HamKahFooKwai means whole Family Prosperous! This is a very auspicious and popular greetings during the chinese new year celebration. The same phrase also can be use if you are attending chinese weddings, birthday parties or even house warming! You learning new things everyday huh? ;P
  6. HamDanChiuYarn literally means Ultraman in Cantonese. HamDanChiuYarn actually reminds me of Linpeh .... he looks exactly like the yapun guy who act in the Ultraman series i used to watch during my chilhood.
  7. HouLanLiuKarp means I need to go to the washroom, so if you are eating with your chinese co-workers and you need to excuse yourself to go to the washroom you will hafta say to them "I m HouLanLiuKarp" and rush to the toilet. Understand?
  8. HauHai is canto for Pretty chicks! So, if you are in a club and you saw this chinese chick you wanna hit on, just walk over and say "Hi HauHai! can i buy you a drink?" I gerenti you she will be dem impressed wan!
  9. HamChinPeng is best use to desribe the face feature of a pretty chicks. ie: "Hi Hauhai! your face is so pretty just like a HamChinPeng"
  10. HouLanMouLiu - Means Farking Boring ... best to use to describe this meme ie: "This meme/tag is HouLanMouLiu"
Im no gonna torture other ppl with these 2 tags. so if you jin kak wanna torture yourself leave me a note I will tag 9 lu!

YESH!!! I survived 2 more HouLanMouLiu meme!!!!! I M TEH BEST!!!! Escuse me while I go and shoot 9 myself in the foot .....



  1. 2 meme in 1 night, you the man, next time 2 female in 1 night !

  2. Anonymous7:10 am

    wakakakakakaka! u see? u see? nice to do that tag leh? all the ham-ham-sup-sup stuff come out oredi...

  3. Add 1 more 'H' for u

    HouLanGeng ar, rojaks..

  4. you hor, not only houlanmouliu, you 'HOULANCHATMOULIU' Hahahahhaaaa!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous10:34 am

    Wah! Your manglish make me tau hin-hin liao.

  6. Anonymous11:32 am

    You houkaulan7mouliu lah! ROFLMAO...

  7. Anonymous11:47 am

    HauHai is cheeky chicks & not pretty chicks. "HauHai Yeong - chicky chicks face!!


  8. Ah, those are missing from the dictionary under alphabet 'H'.

  9. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Red Bull gives you Wingz!

  10. Hi Wingz, we like your meme
    1st one - got class, got style
    rating ********
    2nd one - Is this one of the alphabet in your Rojak dictionary ?
    got some more alpha to follow ?

  11. u still survive after 2 meme....

  12. ducky : 2 female 1 nite, how much?

    may : nice lehhh

    youngbrat : yar my lan hou geng wan lol

    ahpek : chiew ji bet!!!

    hijackqueen: tau hin-hin means what ar ?

    bryan : ya la if not i also wont do this meme la lol

    aceone : u got hauhai girl frend wanna intro me anot?

    nyonyapenang : got sommo missing words but next time only i teach u la

    redbull: you want me endorse red bull anot??? kam kam!

    sun,moon&star : hahaha 1st time i heard ppl say wingz got crass !!! tenkiu tenkiuu!! you want more alpha ka? u bikin stupid meme then u tag me la lol

    pisang : yar i couldnt belif it myself!

  13. Anonymous5:37 am

    Wooi...I follow your instruction to the dot. I use the HamHai and HamChinPeng lines on the chick next door....now her whole family look at me funny. Whatzup man!!

  14. haha...poor tux..got misleaded..
    nice one cant help larfing..next time must teach ur kids..A for apple..Ball for ball..H for ham kar charn =P


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